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Who Is Santa?

Janet Leigh tells her young Miss Kelly about the jolly saint in red with the rather large belly: 

“It isn’t who Santa is, and it isn’t who Santa’s not, nor is it what he’s got in that sack that’s a pack on his back that makes us wonder about him. No, it isn’t who Santa is. And it isn’t from where he came, where the wind blows the snows into heaps, and Mrs. Santa Claus keeps all the fur sewed on Santa’s suit and the reindeer fed with fruit. No, it isn’t from where he came. Nor is it the way he comes across the starry skies and squeezes himself to size into your chimney, Sweet, and emerges whole and neat. No, it isn’t the way he comes. It’s why does Santa come, for little girls and boys, even if they make noise. It’s why does Santa come. He comes because there’s a world of wonder full of lightning and full of thunder, and mossy trees and stones with cracks, and camels with two humps on their backs, and Santa Claus and owls that peer, and anything else you’ve ears to hear. That’s why Santa comes.”



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