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Vote For Your Best Built Actor

Cheek your first three choices and in 25 words or less tell why they are Hollywood’s Best Built Men!

DURING ONE OF HİS RECENT VISITS with Jack Crandell, Joe Carter, world renowned teacher of body building, got on the subject of movie actors and their. physical condition. We were interested to hear from this physical culture expert that some of the world’s best built men are in Hollywood.

We decided to put Joe to the test. From our vast files he selected thirteen of the best that Hollywood has to offer. Then Joe chose the three men who, in his opinion, were worthy of the Movie TV Secret’s Best Built Man Award.

Now, we are not going to release the names of Joe Carter’s choices . . . not until you have had your chance to match the expert’s selections, and cash in on the big nine prizes being offered. This is how you can enter the contest. In the blank provided, check off your first three picks in order of choice for the Best Built Man. Send the clipped coupon with reasons, in 25 words or less, why you think your choices are the best.

The first entry received in this office that matches Joe Carter’s choices will receive a prize of $10. The next eight correct entries will receive cash prizes of $5 each. Send your votes to Movie TV Secrets Yearbook, 2 West 45th Street, New York, New York; Attention: Best Built Man Contest. All winners will be notified by mail. In making your choice you may consult anyone — doctors, friends, or gym instructors, but there is only one entry per person 🙂


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