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A Tribute To NBC

The idea was to select from our mail, the top show on video. But our staff certainly had a difficult time deciding which show on television was most popular. While sorting out the large volume of responses, we noticed a strange thing . . . over 80% of your favorite programs were N.B.C. offerings. This occurrence was so overwhelming, that we could take only one action.

Movie TV Secrets Yearbook is proud to announce that instead of selecting the best show of the year, we would like to honor the entire N.B.C. network for its excellent job in presenting worthwhile and entertaining viewing.

One of the outstanding qualities of this network is that it presents such a large scope of programs, and enables every age group and every type of viewing taste to enjoy its offerings. Let’s take a look at some of NBC’s achievements.

The whole family can enjoy watching Shirley Temple, Tab Hunter, Dinah Shore, Loretta Young, Barbara Stanwyck, Bachelor Father, Ernie Ford and Nanette Fabray. Western fans watch handsome cowboys fight for justice in Bonanza, Tali Man, Shotgun Slade, Wells Fargo, Wagon Train, Outlaws and Bat Masterson. Those who long for exciting thrillers can tune in to Alfred Hitchcock and The Third Man. Bill Cullen’s The Price Is Right is just the thing for folks who enjoy a lively quiz show.


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