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Puttin’ On An Act

For several weeks every year U-I’s huge Phantom Stage (so-called because it was built for the movie, “Phantom of the Opera,”) hums with activity. Youngsters gleefully go through their own routines or watch Estelle Harman, head of the talent department, put the others through their paces. Though it looks like bedlam, there’s method in the madness. This year’s show, the third put on by the studio, is part of a million-dollar talent program which has more than earned its keep. The show, called “Inside U-I,” is designed not only to give U-I contract players extra experience, but to display their versatile and sometimes unsuspected off-beat talents. Through these shows, U-I’s young players have again and again obtained better breaks, not only on their own lot, but also on loan-outs. For executives from all the other studios scramble for invitations to this glorified—and exclusive—Amateur Show.

Tony Curtis is in “Johnny Dark”; Rock Hudson, Gregg Palmer, Jack Kelly and Lance Fuller in “Magnificent Obsession”; Audie Murphy and Susan Cabot in “Ride Clear of Diablo”; Hugh O’Brian and Dick Long in “Saskatchewan”; Brett Halsey and Mamie Van Doren in “Yankee Pasha”; Lori Nelson in “Tumbleweed”; Kathleen Hughes in “The Glass Web”

Director Harman walks in on Lori Nelson, Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly gives his all in “Boy Meets Girl” with Gregg Palmer, Mamie Van Doren

“I’ve never been to high school,” says Mamie. But that’s not what’s bothering Hugh O’Brian!

“The Bronx Is a Long Way from Bagdad,” a skit, up Tony’s alley

Audie Murphy suffers for his art in big scene from “A Lonely Guy”

Rock’s acting in “The Fourposter” has Susan Cabot up in the air!

Between the acts: Front row: Rock Hudson, Dick Long, Brett Halsey, Kathleen Hughes. Second row: Lance Fuller, Hugh O’Brian, Lori Nelson



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