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Young Men In A Hurry

JIM ARNESS He may not be the fustest in Hollywood yet, but he’s distinctly the biggest. Six feet, five, he towers over Bob Taylor in Many Rivers To Cross and even John Wayne doesn’t top him in The Sea Chase.Blonde, blue-eyed and wearing a Purple Heart, he’s quite a hunk of man.

PAUL GILBERT This son of a black-face comedian and a circus aerialist has more talent than any other one-man band (he plays six musical instruments!) sings a balmy baritone, exudes sex appeal and acts so impressively that he scored a personal hit in So This Is Paris! with Tony Curtis.

JOHN ERICSON John got his start opposite Pier Angeli in Teresa. Pier’s career has moved faster, but now John, blond, blue-eyed, six feet two, should catch up. A rare bird among serious actors, he makes no pretense of preferring the stage to the screen, wants his career in Hollywood.

GEORGE NADER Six feet tall, weighing 173, gazing hopefully at producers with blue-gray eyes, you wouldn’t think George could be overlooked. Hollywood managed to do so for three years, though, and is now in a large rush to make up time. Shadow Valley and terrific fan mail should help.

LANCE FULLER Publicity scares this guy, but he’d better get used to it, especially as, after one brief marriage, he is very much eligible. That Other Woman will mean stardom for the Kentucky-born actor; his cocker spaniel, loud sport shirts, local girls and foreign cars will be well publicized.

JEFF RICHARDS This ex-University of Southern California student has come up the hard way. As Dick Taylor he had a contract at Paramount for six months, another at Warners for the same amount of time, before anyone noticed him. Then his name was changed to Jeff Richards. Whether the change had anything to do with it is unknown, but Jeff attracted a lot more attention than Dick had. Now he is at MGM where plans are supposed to be big. He hopes so, and so do the MODERN SCREEN readers who have spotted him in small roles and keep hammering away at producers to give him a crack at stardom.

RICHARD EGAN The most amazing thing about Dick Egan, according to Hollywood glamour girls who live in a woodsful of married men, is that although he looks like a likely candidate for the perfect movie husband, he’s single. Susan Hayward, with whom he appears in Untamed, apparently thinks quite highly of this San Francisco-born Army veteran. He grabbed his biggest movie break when he took the role Vic Mature turned down as a running mate to Ty Power for Susie’s affections, but unlike Tyrone, has carried this activity off screen. Watch him, he’s due to make big romantic news now.

RACE GENTRY At age seventeen Race was working in a gas station under the name of John Shapiro, when an agent named Henry Willson stopped in to fill up. He signed up, too, and changed the lad’s name to what it is now after helping cast him in a picture called Lawless Breed, starring Rock Hudson. When the public dragged its eyes off Rock to look at Race they saw 185 pounds distributed over five feet, eleven inches, and topped by brown hair and brown eyes. Although Race had made no romantic news, the studio was so deluged with fan mail that he got a long term contract and starred in Black Horse Canyon.

BEN COOPER Twenty-year-old Ben is half the age of the most popular movie idols and has twice the future as a result of his performances in Johnny Guitar, Hell’s Outpost and now The Admiral Hoskins Story. A Hartford, Connecticut, boy who began his career on the stage in Life With Father, Ben has appeared in more than 3,000 radio shows since the age of eight. A slight five feet, ten inches and 160 pounds in weight, he is a rugged, blue-eyed lad and a born athlete, as he proves by his swimming record and the way he rides horseback, doing his own stunts in every picture that calls for horsey atmosphere.

CRAIG HILL His is the story of a life guard who got into movies and played the role of a life guard. The public has taken it from there. His real name is Craig Fowler, and as such he tested and was turned down for a contract at 20th Century-Fox, only to be cast a little later in his swim trunks in Cheaper By The Dozen. He loves classical music, modern authors, football and water sports. He’s prepared to love any girl who’s mad for sailing, old cars, traveling and children. He is twenty-four years of age, five feet, eleven inches tall, and getting to be as popular as a just-starting Alan Ladd—once a life guard.



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