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Try A New Hair Color For Glamour—Arlene Dahl

“What female would not like to be more attractive?” asks Arlene Dahl, movie star, syndicated beauty columnist and lingerie designer.

With that question Arlene really brought all of us gals up to attention. With a unanimous, “You bet we’d like to be more attractive.” How to do it? Arlene suggests that you take one particular month and give specific attention to a special beauty project.

With vacation time but weeks away what better month to concentrate on your hair! Have it gleaming, bright and even a brand new color to excitingly compliment all of those beautiful duds you’ve been buying for the best vacation yet.

Nearly every girl has already used one or several of the many preparations that highlight, brighten, or color blend the hair—most have had the fun and excitement of streaking or tipping it.

But not nearly enough gals have come to the realization that they can become much more attractive and glamorous by changing the color of their hair completely. It is a wonderful and fabulous idea that has worked wonders on the popularity polls. So why don’t you resolve to try a new hair color, too.

Movie stars must change the color of their hair to meet the requirements of the various movie parts they play. Many of them found they were even lovelier with a new hair color—all thought it great fun and some felt that a new hair color changed their life—even their personality.

Hair coloring has become a speedy and easy trick. Thanks to the never tiring effort of the chemists and manufacturers.

Are you a brunette and secretly thrill to the dream of becoming a beautiful redhead like Arlene

Dahl who was born with flaming tresses?

Well go right ahead and take the hair coloring step. For today every gal you see is “doing something” or “wanting to do something” about the color of her hair.

You can accomplish a complete change of hair color all at once by completely bleaching your hair and applying a new hair color—or—by tackling the project in several steps with a series of bleachings that will take the color out of your hair gradually until in the last bleaching it is decolorized sufficiently to apply the new hair color desired.

Naturally, if you change the color of your hair slowly over a period of weeks the final change will not be so startling and you and your friends will have time to accustom yourselves to the transformation.

If you want to really be dramatic—make the change suddenly.

When you have bleached your hair to a completely pale blonde shade (or have decolorized it as a final bleaching is technically called) you can test your secret yearning to be a redhead by using a temporary hair coloring. A temporary hair coloring washes out—so if the hair color you choose is not too becoming you can simply wash it out and try another color.

When you are sure of the hair color you want you can use a permanent hair coloring that will not wash out. When you use a permanent hair coloring you must bleach and color the new growth of hair about every two or three weeks.

If you are a light blonde and want to become a redhead no pre-bleaching is necessary. Just apply the color desired as in the case of the pre-bleached brunette described above.

If you are a blonde and prefer to be a darker color choose the color that becomes you the most and follow the same procedure as described for the redhead.

If you are a brunette and want to be a blonde—follow the bleaching procedure as for redhead. Bleach to the desired color. If that shade is not the shade you want, shampoo rinse, wash or spray on the desired shade.

If the blonde shade is too reddish, tone it down with one of the drab blonde, silver blonde or platinum rinses. To get a perfect color that is exactly what you want, you will have to experiment a few times—so don’t be discouraged if the first job is not just as you dreamed it to be. When temporary blonde shade is perfect, you can permanently tint the color.

If you are a blonde and want to remain a blonde but feel that your hair looks dull and lifeless choose one of the lightening and brightening preparations. Your hair will sparkle anew and your compliments will soar.

There are also rinses, shampoos and sprays to brighten mousey looking brunette hair, too. These preparations will not permanently color your hair—they will just give your hair a golden highlight that adds up to a glamour look no gal can be without.

Among the marvelous preparations for coloring and bleaching your whole head of hair there are also a wide range of preparations that are especially made for tipping or streaking light or dark colors into your hair. Some of the regular coloring products can be used for this job and then there are others that are made especially to accomplish this intriguing and fascinating trick that is so much the vogue in Hollywood.

Remember that prematurely grey hair running as silver threads through your hair is not glamorous. There are special color blending preparations made to blend these grey strands to the natural color of your hair if you do not want to color your whole head to a new color. A whole head of prematurely grey hair can be most dramatic on a young face if it becomes you—however, while you are young if pre-maturely grey hair is yours, why not change it during these young years to a dramatic fashion color.

Blend it to a brunette shade or bleach it and color it to a brand new color. You can also make it a pretty great platinum blonde shade if a darker color is not for you.

There are many, many hair coloring and bleaching preparations on the market. To arrive at just the right ones that you should use for your particular pleasure you should study all the ads and then use the trial and error method just as you do with your cosmetics, home perms and other beauty preparations.

Hair care between coloring and bleaching is quite important. Use softening shampoos, and shampoo rinses, to keep your hair lovely and soft. This added care is just an extra precaution against the drying summer elements even if otherwise no needed.

One caution about hair bleaching and coloring. Always be sure and read all the instructions that come with each particular preparation—and follow exactly.

All the gals in Modern Screen’s beauty department have gone “hair-color conscious” and we are pretty happy over the whole idea. Why don’t you try it—now. And, all anew—take a run to the movie and see Arlene in her next for Columbia She Played With Fire.




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