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My heartfelt condolences to President and Mrs. Kennedy on the loss of their infant son. The baby, which Caroline and John-John had happily predicted would be a boy, was born prematurely August 7 and baptized within minutes. The lungs of the four-pound, ten-ounce Patrick Bouvier Kennedy were not sufficiently developed to function properly. His father sped with him from Hyannis Port to Boston, where a team of specialists and the latest modern medical equipment combined in a desperate fight to save the infant’s life. But the child succumbed at 4:04 A.M., August 9. The President left his vigil and returned to comfort his wife.

I hear Natalie Wood and Arthur Loew, Jr., want to start keeping house together around Christmas. Arthur birthday-gifted her with a diamond. To think it wasn’t too long ago that Natalie’s love was all for Warren Beatty.They say Nat woke up from her sweet dreams when Warren didn’t want a marriage contract to seal their romance. Only goes to prove that cornball expression about having your cake and eating, too. Incidentally, Nat sent Bob Wagner, her ex-husband, a wire to congratulate him on his recent marriage to Marion Marshall.

Bobby Darin is not very well these days. His doctors warn him if he continues working day and night, anything can happen. Sandra Dee met him in New York recently to talk reconciliation; however, the situation remained touch and go as before. 

Apparently Sherry Nelson ran out of winners to give Vince Edwards. Doc Casey is still going to the track but these days it’s on the arm of Sharon Farrell (she’s Andy Prine’s ex-spouse).

Connie Stevens introduced Jim Stacy to her parents. However, I may be wrong but so far I’m not falling for pufficity that they are planning wedlock. Jim in many ways is like Gary Clarke, and Connie kept Gary without a definite yes to marriage for a record run.

They may yet do it, but at the last minute Kim Novak changed her mind. So Roderick Mann was left practically waiting at the altar. I still maintain director Richard Quine was and probably still is the only love of her life. When Richard started dating others like there was no tomorrow, Kim and Roderick hit the headlines.

“Twilight of Honor” will be a big surprise to Dick Chamberlain’s loyal fans. The film’s subject matter is strictly “adults only!”

I’m sick of hearing that Ava Gardner is a changed woman. Ava popped into Hollywood to do a bit role in “Seven Days in May,” and immediately put out the “I Want to Be Alone” red flag. The set was closed at Paramount even to the water boys. Ava, however, apparently wanted it known she was around because her pals would advise the press whither she went. I didn’t think Rock Hudson was her type, but the two spent a day at the races together.

A big romance sprang up between George Peppard and Elizabeth Ashley while they were filming “The Carpetbaggers.” I can see why. I’ve seen the photos of their love scenes—enough to make even those experts, Taylor and Burton, blush.

Scooping Around: Dick Chamberlain and Clara Ray broke off. Another case of careers being considered before love. . . . Another item in the lost love department. Robert Mitchum’s son, Jim, (he looks like his father) had a brief fling at serious romance with Karena Conrad, a sexy-looking actress. They even said they were going to marry, but decided against it when another came between. . . . Vera Miles has joined husband Keith Larsen in becoming a member of the Mormon Church. . . . Hope the rumors about Doug McClure and Barbara Luna aren’t true. . . . Tuesday Weld’s new beau is Andy Prine.

Hollywood is holding its breath on the British sex scandal. So far Christine Keeler hasn’t implicated a number of celebrities making their homes in movieland. They say she hasn’t talked about them because she has been offered some big film deals.

What goes with Bill Holden and Capucine, the European beauty? When they were in town Bill escorted her to several parties, but still maintains that his marriage is okay. His wife must be real understanding!

The new George Hamilton is on a health kick. He says he plans to date only healthy girls, too. His first date under his new policy was to go horseback riding with Myrna Fahey, a healthy—and pretty—girl.

Newest feud. It’s between Tuesday Weld and Chris Noel. They filmed “Soldier in the Rain” together, and Chris let it be known that she was Gary Lockwood’s new girl friend.

Dean Martin—I can’t picture him in that role, but looks like he’ll become a grandfather in 1964. His son Craig, and the latter’s wife, Sandy, have dated the stork. Craig wants no part of show business. He’s working as a used car salesman in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood.

Jerry Lewis’ son, Gary, too, isn’t having everything handed to him on a silver platter either. Gary is working for tips as a parking lot attendant at Jerry Lewis’ Restaurant.

Better late than never. Bob Fuller finally confirmed his marriage to Patti Lyon last Christmas. Congratulations.

They say Cliff Robertson and Ann Lupton will tie the knot any day.

Wow! It’s really getting spicy. Pamela Mason named a secretary as a co-respondent in her divorce complaint against her husband, actor James Mason.

Another heated spat between Judy Garland and Sid Luft. He moved out. She flew to Vegas to cool off for a few days. As I’ve often said in this column, with Sid and Judy it’s kisses one day and attorneys the next.

Kay Stevens appears to be the one who’s making Joe DiMaggio forget the tragic death of Marilyn Monroe.

Short Hot Takes: Sal Mineo is like a stranger to himself these days. Shaved the beard he wore for eight months making “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” Jill Haworth is still the girl to whom Sal may pop the question. . . . Glynis Johns flew out of Robert Preston’s life. . . . Kim Novak’s former school chum and now stand-in, Barbara Mellon, left the actress to marry a California boy. . . . Brigitte Bardot and Gardner McKay ended their so-called romance. . . . So close to the altar but now splitsville are Jack Wrather III and Jenny Maxwell. Jack and Lana Wood (she’s Natalie’s little sister) had quite a few problems before they settled the divorce issue. . . . Doris Day does smoke cigarettes. . . . I hear the good news that Raymond Burr’s health is much improved of late.

Over London way, they’re still talking about how David Susskind was tossed off the set of “Becket” for making some unglamorous remarks about Liz Taylor. Liz isn’t in the film, but Richard Burton came to her defense.

A small army of attorneys is still trying to get the books in order so that Liz can divorce Eddie and Sybil her ex-Dickie Boy.

Guess the rapid dating pace caught up with Glenn Ford. He’s staying home these nights watching television. I guess I would too after dating so many beauties; for instance, women like Linda Christian, Hope Lange, Connie Stevens, Jill St. John, Stella Stevens, etc.

Lana Turner and Fred May are still acting like lovebirds. However, there’s been no official reconciliation up to now.

This really tops everything. Marlon Brando gave his ex-wife Anna Kashfi a free trip to Tahiti. And Marlon even sent her attorney and the latter’s family with the actress.

What’s this I hear about Tony Curtis and Christine Kaufmann?

How long will this last department? Rita Hayworth hired a new press agent to build a new image. This image is sans the Bermuda shorts and sandals. Somehow I believe the old image sold a lot of tickets.

I don’t believe the hints of coolness between Frank Sinatra and his son-in-law, Tommy Sands, but perhaps when Tommy and Nancy make Frank a grandfather, the air will warm up.

Still on the clouds are George Montgomery and Gloria Vanderbilt. Could lead to marriage.

They’re still talking under their breath in Las Vegas about a well-known singer (female) who tried to end her life with pills. The story never hit the headlines as the singer recovered after having her stomach pumped. The whole incident was covered up as so many are in the gambling town.

Haven’t Sue “Lolita” Lyon and Producer James Harris decided to call it quits? Sue even is dating boys her own age now.

Marie McDonald ran headlong into the law on a narcotics violation. Marie admitted forging some prescriptions for drugs.

Poor Annette Funicello. Her horse kept running out of the money at an Eastern track.

Soon there’ll be a chip off of “Stop the World—I Want to Get Off.” Joan Collins and Anthony Newley are expecting.

Are Fernando Lamas and Esther Williams married? Esther dropped back into Hollywood to see the children, and Fernando wasn’t too far behind. However, when it comes to admitting or denying they are married both say, “No comment.” Personally, I don’t think they are wed.

Cary Grant could surprise everyone and marry Diane Cannon. Cary hasn’t acted so kittenish since he and Betsy Drake fell in love way back when.

Danny Thomas is giving his blessings to daughter Mario Thomas and actor Ron Harper. They’re planning to wed as soon as the show, “Sunday in New York,” closes at the Civic Playhouse in Hollywood. However, a problem has popped up. The play is a success and may not close until the end of the year. That’s a long wait.

When Sybil Burton was in movietown to house-guest with the Rex Harrisons, she indicated that Dickie Boystill hasn’t come up with a good divorce offer. And Sybil says she’s in no hurry.

Marni Nixon will sing the high notes for Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady.” Marni also did Natalie Wood’s singing in “West Side Story.”

Puzzler of the Month: What big star (especially among the teen-agers) and the director of his recent film nearly came to blows over the female star in the film?





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