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    The Robe

    CINEMASCOPE IS FINALLY HERE! With this impressive film version of the best-seller, Twentieth Century-Fox introduces its stage-wide, curved-screen process, expanding spectacular scenes to new proportions. Inspired by the Bible incident of the soldiers who gambled for Jesus’ robe, the story includes both real and fictional characters, all carefully cast. Richard Burton plays the Roman officer whose life is changed when he’s given the supposedly routine assignment of directing a triple crucifixion. Jean Simmons lends beauty and dignity to the role of his noble sweetheart. But Victor Mature is the most effective, as the Greek slave, an early follower of Christ. All the players, however, are dwarfed by the grandeur of CinemaScope, embracing the vistas of the Holy Land, startling audiences with the plunge toward the camera of four horses in full gallop.



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