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Hollywood Party Line

“MADHOUSE MONTH” is what you can call this past one—and you won’t be wrong. So many parties, preems, movie stars making their night-club bows in town, charity events, fashion shows (the cocktail party kind)—what a whirl!

Some eighty of hundreds who went to the Beverly Hills opening of “Little Boy Lost” were still mopping their eyes when they reached producer Bill Perlberg’s midnight supper-dance at Chasens. Lovely Nicole Maurey (Bing’s wife in the film) was in flowing white. Mrs. Perlberg was a knockout in black starched chiffon; Jane Wyman wore black too, with a white mink jacket. Bob Cummings and his Mary; Alice Faye and Phil Harris; Debbie Reynolds with Tab Hunter; Rosie Clooney and José Ferrer; Maureen O’Hara in gold lamé; Lori Nelson with Tom Morton, to name a few.

Unusual aspect of the affair was the number of people, such as Charles Brackett, Joan Bennett and Nancy Sinatra, who brought their children to the preview and the party. Ages of the offspring ranged from eight to eighteen. Nancy had dotter Nancy and Frank, Jr. in tow—all remarked how the kid is the image of his Pop.

Next night, John Wayne and Bob Fellows premiered their “Island in the Sky.” Gave a party afterwards at Romanoff’s. Wayne brought Pilar Palette (surprised?); Vera-Ellen with Richard Gully; Terry Moore, in halter-necked pale blue taffeta and silver-blue mink stole, with Nicky Hilton. Debbie Youknowho, with John Anderson, looking real sophisticated, hair piled high, long earrings, draped rose chiffon gown and mink stole. Others were the Gordon MacRaes, Barbara Rush and Jeff Hunter, Dorothy Malone and Bill Holmes (bet anything they’re engaged).

What an eighth anniversary party June Allyson and Dick Powell tossed at home! Almost a hundred guests! Their patio was enclosed in cellophane and dinner was served there; but dancing was indoors. June’s dress matched the pink and white flower decorations of the house.

Real crazy!—the party for hundreds given by the Edwin Earls, to which everyone came dressed as either Groucho Marx or Carmen Miranda! (Y’know, this might be tres gay for you to try the next time you give a shindig. Pick your own two “kerrickters” for the requested costuming!)

Quite a do when Gene Nelson danced his way into the Cocoanut Grove—with Jane Powell beaming from ringside. Jane Russell was there with Gilbert Roland and Bob Waterfield’s permission. Spouse was away on a hunting trip. Jane wore the goldurnest evening hat, dripping with pearls. The Powell was in vivid blue. Ann Miller with Bill O’Connor; the Barry Sullivans; Piper Laurie with David Schine.

The night after Gene closed, Jane Powell opened at the Grove—and the event was but terrific! Not only did all the Metro brass turn out (“proving” nobody’s mad at the gal), but fans galore. She got enough flowers to fill the Hollywood Bowl. Gene Nelson actually blushed at the lingering look she tossed him when she warbled, “It’s a most unusual day—and my heart won’t behave in the usual way . . .” Her Helen Rose gown was of red chiffon, shorter in front than in back, decollete with a one-strap top and trailing scarf.

Audrey Hepburn walked into the special charity preem of “Roman Holiday” an unrecognized little girl, and walked out of the theatre one of Hollywood’s brightest new stars! Yep, that’s what everybody said. (Along with raves for the picture.) Audrey wore a blue tulle bouffant gown, its top of silver lamé, and the skirt trimmed with lace and roses, designed by Edith Head. Aside from at least sixty already mentioned here, attendees included love birds Jeff Donnell and Aldo Ray; Jan Sterling and Paul Douglas; newlyweds Bob Horton and Barbara Ruick; Shirley Temple and spouse.

A different kind of affair was the dinner dance of the Make-Up Artists, Hair Stylists and Body Make-Up Artists at the Ambassador Hotel. Perc Westmore sure whipped up a great show, and stars who appeared, performed or both were Jane Wyman, Jimmy Durante, Jane Russell, John Carroll, Vic Damone, Lita Baron, Mary McCarty, Dotty Lamour, Arlene Dahl— and more!

At the ball, a dozen dolls were picked as the most beautiful and talented newcomers. Of these, Elaine Stewart and Anne Francis were among last year’s PHOTOPLAY “Choose Your Stars” winners, and Pat Crowley and Joan Weldon among this year’s. Others were Doe Avedon, Barbara Darrow, Kathleen Hughes, Dona Cole, Margie Millar, Joan O’Brien and Sara Shane.

I’ve noticed that the movie belles are going for a dramatic fashion bit—“little fur touches” on suits, coats, dresses, hats and even ears! Mink earrings, f’rinstance to match small detachable collars and cuffs. Or perhaps a tiny soft fur bow. Very gay and not very expensive!



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