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    Date With Dodo—Doris Day

    Ask anyone lucky enough to grab a few minutes with Doris Day and you’ll learn it’s like getting a new charge out of life. Especially on her own ground! The atmosphere’s so relaxed you wonder if you’re at the wrong house—no star’s home could be like this! You may find Marty Melcher having his umpteenth cup of coffee in the kitchen while wife Dodo is busy rehearsing the next day’s scene in another room. Or maybe Dodo is in the backyard, giving son Terry a workout at volleyball. Or just sitting on the lawn, chatting cosily over cakes and coffee with a friend—her freckles getting browner by the minute. And, sharing in the happiness around her, you’ll know why these are the dates that matter to Dodo, who makes movies for a living, but makes her home a place where two fellows—Marty and Terry—are really living!

    Date with son Terry: It’s not always as quiet as this one!

    Date with friend Charlotte Greenwood: Chatting in the sun

    Date with her dressing table—for scene in “Calamity Jane”


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JULY 1953

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