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“The Glass Menagerie”—Jane Wyman

“The Glass Menagerie,” long a triumph on Broadway, now comes to the screen. Everyone in this Warner Brothers picture went all out for realism. Jane Wyman, to portray the crippled Laura, used no make-up and wore a specially constructed shoe in which it was painful to walk. Gertrude Lawrence, international stage star, makes her Hollywood debut in curlers and twenty pounds of padding. Kirk Douglas did his own singing and announced it was a greater ordeal than tooting a horn. But Arthur Kennedy enjoyed his first day’s sleeping scene. He had spent the previous night flying in from New York.

Four o’clock: Kirk Douglas enjoyed the tea-time break, a custom Gertrude Lawrence brought from England

Gertrude Lawrence accuses son, Arthur Kennedy, of neglecting her; implores him to find a “gentleman caller” for crippled sister . . .

. . . Jane Wyman, who lives in dream world with her glass animals; secretly visits zoo when she is supposed to be in school

Arthur brings Kirk Douglas home but Jane, panicked by shyness and shame, becomes ill

Kirk, sensitive enough to understand Jane, takes her dancing, kisses her. But Gertrude’s hopes fade when he reveals he’s engaged

Arthur goes to sea but can’t escape memories of home. Gertrude and Jane wait-—for the future in which they, like everyone, must believe



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