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    The Horse In My Life

    TY HARDIN says:

    “Whether he’s running a country

    Or in a corral—

    Behind each guy who’s made it

    There’s always a gal.

    Now my one, I’ll tell you

    Has huge soulful eyes.

    To gaze into them makes

    My temperature rise.

    I need her, I need her,

    We can’t be divorced

    And when we’re both old and gray

    I’ll still love my horse.”

    WAYDE PRESTON our hero

    (Known as Christopher Colt)

    Says his love for his horse

    Once gave him a jolt.

    “We were friends, good friends,

    He And we’d talk man-to-man.

    Sharing our troubles

    As only two guys can.

    Like a buddy, he was,

    Nothing too good for him—See?

    But it gave me a shock

    To learn that he was she!”

    PETER BROWN who’s gained renown

    As Deputy John McKay—

    Says that having a horse is nice

    But sometimes it doesn’t pay.

    “When I became an actor

    The folks back home all said—

    Your wife and you’ll have a mansion

    And sleep in a satin bed.

    But though now I’m seen from coast to coast,

    Doing the best I’m able—

    With a four-legged gal, hay for pay,

    I’ve a house that’s really a stable.”

    WILL HUTCHINS as Sugarfoot

    In the show of the same name—

    Thanks his horse, thanks her lots

    For adding to his fame.

    “You guys who knock at horses—

    Here’s one thing to know—

    If you didn’t have your handsome steed

    How’d you get where you go?

    Look at me and the horse I ride—

    So close—we’re almost gruesome.

    Even Sara Hamilton’s linked us

    As Hollywood’s ‘steadiest’ twosome.”


    Bret and Bart Maverick—

    Find out from their nags

    That they always get ‘a kick.’

    “How they learned, we’ll never know,

    But our horses read ’n’ write.

    Sometimes we hear them typing

    In the middle of the night.

    They’re writing our scripts,

    And they’re very, very smart.

    Because they’ve cut out our best lines—

    Taking the best part.”

    JOHN RUSSELL, that marshal of Lawman fame

    Loves his horse, so they say,

    He gives her the best that she could want

    And sees her every day.

    He loves his horse, he really does,

    Even her constant neighs,

    But there’s one thing he’s worried about—

    His contract—and here’s what it says:

    She can use his dressing room any time

    And also the hot water,

    So now she’s wearing his silk shirts

    Though she definitely hadn’t oughta!

    Ty Hardin, Wayde Preston, Will Hutchins, Jim Garner, Jack Kelly, Peter Brown and John Russell group around and sing:

    “Whether he’s running a country

    Or in a corral—

    Behind each guy who’s made it

    There’s always a gal!”


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MAY 1959

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