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    Pat Boone Calls The Panel To Order

    The meeting was called for Saturday afternoon at two in a New York City auditorium, but panel members were urged, by us, to arrive ahead of time “to have a group picture taken.” (See pic left.) So they gathered outside on the lire escape: Annette, Kookie, Frankie Avalon, Pat Boone, Paul Anka and Bob Denver. Then went inside to meet some of the high school guests and wait around for chairman Pat Boone to open the meeting. The subject? A loaded one—strictly from the male point of view: What do girls do that bugs boys most? Defending girls was Annette who, right from the beginning, showed she wasn’t letting the guys run away unfairly with the subject! Surprisingly, the fellows came prepared—with not only notes but with notebooks filled. And there was no kidding around. They took their responsibility seriously. Bob Denver and Pat even worked through the two intermissions! For the panel’s final report on the things girls do that bug boys most, turn to below.

    Before the meeting, Frankie kids Annette, “Being a girl, you’re prejudiced”

    Annette wasn’t so sure Paul was right. He insists a guy can have a girl as a best friend (no love strings attached) just as easily as a boy. “You’re my very best friend,” she said, “but there are some things I’d never tell you!

    Pat listens to a girl complain: “Why not talk about all the things boys do wrong!”

    Anita Bryant stays neutral

    Bob, Kookie and Pat sum discussion up for guests

    Intermission: Bobby Darin gets a chance to offer some advice.

    Annette and Frankie then went outside “to clear our heads”

    Later, everybody went for a soda on “Annette”


    are you the girl the boys were talking about?


    (Guilty? Then try to improve. Mark weekly progress here)1 WEEK2 WEEKS3 WEEKS4 WEEKS
    whispers and gossips about me among her friends
    talks about her vacation or things I can’t share, don’t know about
    doesn’t help me carry the ball when I first meet her parents
    gives me an expensive birthday present when I didn’t remember hers
    plays up to me, then acts insulted when I ask for a goodnight kiss
    rates big spenders and flashy cars above judging me for myself
    can’t talk about things that interest me—music, cars, politics
    smokes on the street, talks loudly, puts on lipstick in public
    beats me at a sport, though I don’t mind losing a mental game
    doesn’t realize I’ve family obligations and can’t always be with her
    talks disrespectfully about her parents to me or to her friends
    gets silly crushes on older men or record stars
    talks to her girlfriend in the movies or while I’m watching TV
    wears too tight or short clothes, constantly adjusts her bathing suit
    uses me as a stepping stone to bigger, better dates
    walks around with her hair set, cracks gum, embarrasses me
    puts on airs and acts like she was Miss Glamor
    lets a guy call her and leads him on when she doesn’t like him

    (cut out and post in private place)


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE OCTOBER 1960

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