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That’s Hollywood For You

I prefer to see Marlon Brando as Marlon Brando instead of a great make-up job. as witness “Teahouse of the August Moon.” . . . By the way. Paul Newman looks and acts like Marlon when he’s shopping for groceries in the Thriftimart—and you know a guy isn’t trying then. . . . Eddie Fisher bubbles like carbonated water. . . . Doris Day told me that she seldom goes to her own movies and hadn’t seen herself in “Love Me or Leave Me” yet. I told Doris to hurry and see herself in this movie; she’d like it and herself. . . . Elvis Presley looks like the type of fellow you’d find “Standing on the Corner, Watching All the Girls Go By.”. . . With me it’s all right if Martin and Lewis go their separate ways. . . . British Diana Dors is more like an American girl who got herself an English accent. Diana is a smart chick who knows the score, and how to keep it. . . . Asked about a certain actor who is difficult and likes to have his own way. Jane Wyman replied: “I can describe him best as the kind of a fellow who writes his diary a week in advance.”

Zsa Zsa Gabor considers herself naked if she isn’t wearing jewelry. . . . I think Kim Novak improves as an actress in every picture. She’s getting so good she could use her real name. Marilyn. . . . Because of the song “On the Street Where You Live.” the show “My Fair Lady” has done more for Vic Damone than it has for members of the cast. . . . Tony Curtis. married to Janet Leigh. has become a philosopher. Says Tony: “My marriage is fine. I’ve discovered the only way to get along with a woman is to let her think she has her own way. And the only way to do this is to let her have it.”

I’ve been told Gina Lollobrigida knows what she’s got as well as any man does… . If you’d like to see what Yul Brynner looks like with hair. tune in your TV set when an oldie, “Port of New York,” is playing the channels. . . . Shelley Winters is a ballet fan and explains it, saying:

“I guess I just like to see people on their toes.” . . . I know Grace Kelly is supposed to be ice. But there’s dry ice, you know. which looks cool but burns if you touch it. . . . Phil Silvers’ real name was Phil Silversmith. He changed it to Silver. but everyone kept calling him Silvers. (Keep reading. You’ll never know what the next line will tell you. Sometimes ‘m surprised.) . . . I liked it when the trademarks of the major movie companies meant something. Leo the Lion roared and the preview audience would applaud. But this was a few years ago when movie studios had a stable of exclusive stars and there wasn’t a horde of independent producers. . . . Tony Perkins often walks barefooted from the Chateau Marmont to Schwabs, a good six blocks along Sunset Blvd.

Michael Rennie has more dates than any actor in town, and he isn’t a bachelor yet. . . . Rita Moreno’s career is coming on strong. “When I go out on an interview,” says Rita, “I usually wear my pointy sweater.” . . . I continue to be amazed by the fact that movies continue to break records of movies which broke records, yet in another press release a movie company will announce they aren’t making money. . . . Mamie Van Doren, dressed as if she were on her way to a premiere, was seen browsing in Marian Hunter’s bookshop. . . . I forgot who said it, I only know I read it: Hollywood, the most regularly bitten of hands that feed.

I’ll say for Anita Ekberg that she doesn’t believe in keeping secrets or hiding anything. . . . Great example of the Hollywood Cinderella story: John Wayne started his film career as a grip at Fox studios. Recently Wayne signed a contract with that studio to make six pictures for them at $250,000 a picture. . . . Well, I found out what was new about “The New Marilyn Monroe.” A husband. . . . My good friend Tom Jenk, observing a famous dog and a famous mule on a movie set, remarked: “This is a town where only the animals get along like human beings.” That’s Hollywood for you.



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