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Rumors Are Flying: Elizabeth Taylor, 24, and 44-year-old Michael Wilding were furious when magazine writers questioned their “happy” marriage, and consequently tabooed all interviews. Now they must eat their words! Their separation came as no surprise to Hollywood, and it revived that old and ridiculous rumor about Liz being secretly in love with the Wildings’ good friend, Montgomery Clift. Once upon a time, she was also supposed to have been in love with Rock Hudson, but he fooled the experts and married Phyllis Gates. Since then, the Wildings and the Hudsons have become the best of friends. In announcing her separation, Liz said: “The reason for our decision is much too personal to discuss.”

Great Expectations: Recently, in Hollywood, news from the Stork Department broke all previous records. Within one week, Lana Turner and Lex Barker announced they were expecting their first, as did the Rory Calhouns; the Guy Madisons became proud parents for a second time; in Paris, Olivia de Havilland gave birth to a baby girl; and, in England, Sir Stork left a “message” for the Laurence Oliviers. . . . Lana and Lex (everyone said this marriage wouldn’t last!) hope it’s a boy. So did Guy and Sheila Madison—who got their second girl! They named her Erin Patricia. Olivia, so happy with French journalist Pierre Galante, named her wee one Giselle. After waiting eight hopeful years, Rory and Lita Calhoun started adoption proceedings—then, as it often happens, the stork cooperated! And Vivien Leigh and Sir Laurence, after sixteen years of marriage (some of them quite tempestuous!), are finally free from rumors that ran the gamut of exaggeration.

Date With Fate: Ironic, isn’t it, that two major studios would like to film “The Life of James Dean”! The fabulous young actor was just beginning to live when he came to a tragic end. Story rights would have to be cleared by his estate. Those concerned have already had an overdose of publicity.

Love And Marriage: Years ago, when Cal first knew the then unknown Richard Egan, he said, “If I ever marry, the girl will have to ‘love’ my brother, too.” Knowing the exemplary Father Willis Egan, it’s easy to understand Richard’s brotherly reverence, and it looks as if Pat Hardy is the girl who fills the bill. During Father Egan’s recent visit to Hollywood, the threesome were inseparable. Pat, who formerly shared an apartment with May Wynn, played opposite Jimmy Dean. on TV. But being married to Dick is a good reason for ending her career.

Wedding Belles: Leslie Caron’s announced intention of marrying British theatrical producer, Peter Hall, has her studio wondering and worrying. One unhappy marriage, plus a lonely life in Hollywood, may easily influence the enchanting mademoiselle to forsake our town. . . . On the other hand, Shirley Jones’ long-expected marriage to Jack Cassidy is good news. Both love Hollywood and hope to make movies together.

For Men Only: Tony Perkins, the fastest-rising young star in Hollywood, according to Gary Cooper, gave us a private showing of his original ward- robe. It features corduroy suits in all colors with four high-waisted bottons, narrow lapels, and uncreased trousers which make his long legs look like stove pipes. Unmarried, twenty-three-year-old Tony “lifted” the idea from the costumes he wears in “The Friendly Persuasion.”

Song Of Life: For Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, the first year of marriage hasn’t been the hardest—but it has been filled with adjustments. Following a hospital check-up, doctors told Eddie he must eat carefully, slowly and regularly if he wants to live a long life. Since her mother stopped making her clothes, Debbie’s dressing less like a teenager and looks smarter—which Eddie loves. Their one bone of contention, if any, is the lack of time and opportunity to be alone. Popular singers are invariably surrounded by a group of hangers-on. Pier Angeli and Cyd Charisse discovered this about their husbands, but gradually remedied the situation. Debbie’s bright and capable, too. She’ll work it out and no one will be hurt.

Pouting Pigeon: Tab Hunter’s personal life is as bright as a brass button, thanks to cute Jan Chaney. But professionally speaking, Tab is deeply discouraged. He starred in “The Jim Piersall” story on TV and received sensational notices. He begged his studio to buy it for him and make a movie. While Warners deliberated, Paramount quietly nabbed the story for Tony Perkins.

Reformed Redhead: Susan Hayward has taken a new lease on life, and on her it’s most becoming. Gone is that chip-on-the-shoulder she wore like a corsage. “It sounds corny,” confided Susan, “but I used to be shy around people. The reception I received at the Cannes Film Festival changed my perspective.” Mostly out-of-town friends attended Susie’s recent birthday party. Handsome disc jockey, Bill Ballance, was Susie’s date again, but “We’re just friends,” they insisted. Now where have we heard that one before?

Talent vs. Beauty: Anita Ekberg, her long blond hair hanging loosely down her back, prettied herself on the plane before landing at the Los Angeles airport. Also on the plane was the incomparable Shirley Booth. When the plane landed, swarms of cameramen converged—and all but engulfed the great Miss Booth! Anita and her husband, Anthony Steel, were completely ignored by the lens lads and received their biggest greeting from a white miniature poodle waiting with a friend. It can happen here!

Hollywood Merry-Go-Round: Nothing could make Doris Day any happier, she says, than having another baby. Unfortunately, however, the rumor isn’t true. Marriage to Marty Melcher has given Dodo confidence and emotional security she never had before. She and Marty both agree that a baby is all they need to complete their bond of happiness. A little thing like criticism won’t dampen Ernest Borgnine’s enthusiasm or lessen his gratitude. Some folks say he’s been overdoing the humility bit since winning the Oscar. Anyone knowing Ernie is well aware that there isn’t a phony bone in his body. . . Obviously, Jeanne Crain believes there’s safety in numbers. She never appears in public with less than two or three escorts. Incidentally, Hollywood was relieved when she softened some of her pre-divorce charges against Paul Brinkman. Such things not only affect individuals—in this case her children—but they also reflect inadvertently on the whole motion-picture industry.

Bosom Friends: The welcome party RKO and George Gobel threw for British bombshell Diana Dors brought out necklines that plunged all the way to Hollywood and Vine! Now, no one could ever hate Georgie-Porgie, but some well-stacked Hollywood blonds are pouting at him. They can’t understand why he should carry coals to Newcastle. In this case, import England’s Marilyn Monroe to play opposite him in “I Married a Woman.” Maybe George goes for British accents!

Today’s Target: All of Hollywood, including Paramount, which holds his contract, was glued to TV sets when Steve Allen promised to de-gyrate Elvis “The Pelvis” Presley. Allen kept his promise, and the torso-tossing singing sensation certainly was subdued! Minus the suggestive exhibitionism, Hollywood feels, Presley has little to offer. Only time—and his forthcoming first movie which is scheduled to start production late this year—will tell the story.



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