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“Summertime”—Katharine Hepburn & Rossano Brazzi

And a provocative lesson it is, as taught in U.A.’s new film “Summertime.” The student is Katharine Hepburn, whose unique personality and sparkling talent make her one of movies’ all-time greats. Her teacher is Rossano Brazzi, the handsome Italian star who was Jean Peters’ lover in “Three Coins in the Fountain” and Ava Gardner’s husband in “The Barefoot Contessa.” The classroom is the ancient, beautiful city of Venice, as seen through the dazzled eyes of tourist Hepburn. What is it that Katie learns? Well, many moviegoers may not agree with Professor Rossano’s lessons on romance, but he puts them across in a most charming way. Here’s a picture that people will talk about—and enjoy.

An American secretary visiting Venice, Katharine Hepburn hopes wistfully to find adventure. Isa Miranda advises her to give her dreams some help 

Out sight-seeing, Katie spots an antique shop. She wants to take a picture of it, but backs up too far

Next day, she tells little Gaitano Audiero that she made a date with the shop’s owner (Rossano Brazzi)

Katie and Rossano spend a few enchanted days on a picturesque nearby island. But the time comes when they must face reality

The date begins with a quarrel, for Katie has discovered that Rossano is married. But he talks her out of her angry mood, persuades her to have dinner with him. As she inspects a toyvendor’s wares, she’s ready to accept some measure of happiness



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