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“They’re a different breed,” says one of the producers of Saturday Night Live, referring to the wildly inventive and hilariously funny young men and women who people that zany show. “They’re not business people; they couldn’t care less about fancy cars or big houses—or huge paychecks. They’re Creative people—they want to make audiences laugh. . .”


Since 1975, making audiences laugh has been the prime motivation in the lives of the Saturday Night Live crew. “I’m no one’s steady date,” as Gilda Radner sums it up. “I get involved, but then I’ve got to get back to work ..This year, the workaholics in the cast are extending themselves even more than ever before. John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd have put out a record album under the name “The Blues Brothers” and one music critic called it “one of the best blues renditions in years!”


Belushi is set for more films to follow Animal House and Old Boyfriends, and Gilda, Larraine Newman and Jane Curtin are tied up for t.v. outings. Bill Murray and Garrett Morris have other show biz stints planned, too—watch for the Saturday Night Live cast to become all-around stars this year!


It is a quote. Superstar Special Magazine 1979

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