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Elvis Presley: In Concert!

Any performer will tell you that the sound of applause is one of the thrills of live appearances. From 1961 till 1968, Elvis was making films in Hollywood. So, in 1969, when he returned to the stage at Las Vegas, it was a great triumph for him. He wondered if he “still had it.” Would he be able to hold the attention of his audience? The answer was a resounding yes! (I was one of the lucky fans to see Elvis live! It was an experience I’ll never forget!) 

One look tells how Elvis earned the name “The King of Rock ’n’ Roll.”

“Ah just hear music, and my legs start shakin’.”

In 1956, a three-piece band accompanied Elvis the Pelvis.

For his appearance on the Steve Allen Show, Elvis serenaded a hound dog, his #1 record at the time.

His guitars were elaborate.

The famous gold lamé jacket

On the Ed Sullivan Show, shown only from the waist up!

Elvis proudly shows a picture of Lisa Marie to his fans.

After a concert, Elvis was whisked into a waiting limousine.

1973—Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii! His second TV show.

Elvis tells the press “I’m glad to be back!” at his Las Vegas opening in 1969.

Elvis enjoyed all of his performances. He loved his audiences.

“The King you adored” leaving the Philadelphia Spectrum.

His first TV special—1968.

His capes were specially made. He threw one—only once—to the crowd.

Elvis poured his heart and soul into every concert!


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