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    Will “Mr. Hollywood” Soon Become “Mr. Washington D.C.”?

    “People are giving up on solving society’s problems,” Oscar nominee Warren Beatty says pointedly, “and for that reason, I think we need well-organized leadership for valid liberal causes.” 41-year-old Beatty ended his statement urging people to support President Carter, but those close to the actor/producer drop hints that Warren himself would like to jump into the political fray, if not at this moment, than at some time in the future.


    Right now, Beatty, dubbed “Mr. Hollywood” by Time magazine for his consistently fine film record (Bonnie And Clyd Heaven Can Wait), has only recently overcome his image as the biggest playboy in Hollywood. “If I come back to Earth someday,” Woody Allen has joked, “let it be as Warren Beatty’s fingertips.”


    Still a bachelor, Warren has had long and serious involvements with Julie Christie, Michelle Phillips, and now, Diane Keaton, but he resists even as much commitment as is entailed in giving up his Beverly Wilshire Hotel penthouse, which remains a private refuge even if a lady of the moment is installed in his Hollywood home. “The press has said all kinds of things about me; my tide flows in and out,” Warren replies cryptically to questions about what he is really like.


    The most interesting question is . . . can he give up all the glitter and glamour and head for Washington, carrying out some of the ideals he seems so serious about? As Warren teases, we don’t know the true person behind the handsome grin—so we’ll have to wait and see . . .


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