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Man, Man Is For The Woman Made


Marriages may come and go, but Nancy Sinatra gets the sole credit for being the backbone of Frank’s sincerity, for having an uncanny knack of bringing out the best in this turbulent man. Now, his stormy second marriage a failure, Frank seems to realize that he has found peace only with Nancy and his family. He may not be the world’s best husband, but he is a truly fine father, proud of his kids and conscious that Nancy is responsible for their turning out so well. Since she has known him, during their marriage and even after the divorce, Nancy has given Frank unwavering loyalty. May their most recent happy date not be their last!


In private conversation she’s his Moll and he’s her Blackie—and when you see them together you know why. Lita has all the loyalty of the moll for her man—even goes sailing with Rory though the sight of the ocean turns her green. And he’s as tough as they come—ex-logger, miner, cowpuncher, Rory was once the guy who’d just as soon take a poke at a producer as say “Good morning.” Now that she’s reformed him, Lita occasionally takes a job (she is a successful professional singer) just to prove she can be independent. But neither she nor the head of the house wants to roam. One might say they’re thicker than thieves.


Not one but several women have had the molding of Bob. Perhaps the most influential now is Barbara Stanwyck, who has shown him the intricate ins-and-outs of Hollywood living, from how to take direction ta how to avoid gossip. He learned the ways of young love from his romance with Debbie Reynolds (though neither was ripe for marriage then) and lovely Jean Peters taught him the importance of pure friendship. But no one knows which woman will eventually show Bob the beauties of adult love.


“Give-everyone-else-credit” Ladd is less the product of the women of his love than of his own stature as a genuinely honest human being who concentrates more on others than himself. Yet it is Sue Ladd who has managed his career, advised him, added the smooth finishing touches to the hardy gentleman from Hot Springs, Arkansas. And together they are a team that has never been matched in Hollywood, the people’s choice as the town’s most ideal married couple. Not only do they have a wonderful family of kids, but Alan, for more than a decade one of Hollywood’s ten most popular stars, seems headed for another long stretch of big box office pictures and admits, “I never could have done it without Sue.”


Few Hollywood wives envy Dorothy Mitchum. Hers has been the hardest job in town, keeping her big, tough mug’s feet on the ground when everyone, including Bob, had almost given him up. But Dorothy has succeeded. She once told him, “Before you do something, ask yourself how it will reflect on your boys.” Since them most of what has reflected on his sons has been Mitch’s superb acting and now his courage in leaving the soft berth of a studio to start his own producing company. The job has been a tough one, but now the rewards are in—and they are big ones in the fields of love and laughter. Though she will always need a supply of patience, Dorothy Mitchum, secure at last, envies few movie wives.


At age forty, Jimmy The Paradox was the shy one, the glamorous war veteran who played the field as an untouchable bachelor. At forty-one he found Gloria and plunged like a pleased puppy into the sea of matrimony and family life. Twin girls joined Gloria’s two sons to fill out the family and Jimmy’s famous smile. became less wistful, more contented. The magic influence became suddenly apparent when career-conscious James paid less attention to movies and more to picnics, even letting Gloria select his scripts . . . a job which she handled with such success that The Glenn Miller Story and others made him approximately $4,000,000 richer than he was as a bachelor. Two, it seems, don’t have to live as cheaply as one!


It’s not always funny to be a comedian’s wife. Dean’s wife, Jeanne Biegger, had to come from way behind in the care and handling of her man. . . but today she has the upper hand—and rules well with it. It took her encouragement to help Dean break into recording, it required her stabilizing influence to bring Dean home from his wanderings as Don Juan Supreme. Jerry’s wife Patti had it equally rough; she found herself married to a lovable guy who trusted people so little that he slept with a gun under-his pillow! She gave him the first home he had ever known, calmed his nerves, became more important to him than his beloved audiences. Someday, under the same management, he will have big money in the bank—and all his much-needed security will be courtesy of Patti.



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