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Love Walked Out—Jeff Chandler & Marjorie Hoshelle

This time, the separation of Jeff Chandler and his wife, Marge, is final. “There is no chance of a reconciliation,” says Jeff. “We have been able to discuss our problems and make our decisions on an unemotional basis.” Three years ago, the Chandlers made the same decision to divorce. Yet a few weeks before the final year was up, Jeff went back home and closed the door on Hollywood. What happened since to bring them once again to a break-up, even the Chandlers aren’t too sure. Irritating conflicts of personality, the steady glow of non-forbearance and a mutual feeling of being unable to weather storms as they blew up from time to time were contributing causes.

Strangely, the final break came in the tower of a castle in Italy, where Marge and the children stayed with Jeff while he was making “Raw Wind in Eden” with Esther Williams. Jeff seemed very happy. But as time passed, Mrs. Chandler obviously wasn’t. Whatever the reason, it was clear there was trouble. Jeff rushed back to Hollywood, and off again before Marge and the children returned. He’s now moved into a swank apartment. And love walked out for good—if it had ever walked back in, during these last two years. It’s sad, because for the children’s sake, they hoped to stay together.



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