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Let Sandra Dee Be A Warning!

I want to say that if the shocking example of seventeen-year-old Sandra Dee’s being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance to have her stomach pumped from an overdose of Epsom Salts (to keep her weight down) isn’t a lesson to you girls who go in for ‘crash diets’—then go ahead, ruin your health!

Frankly, I’m surprised at Sandra, whom I know and like very much. She’s always seemed so level headed. I was aghast when I learned that she had been rushed to the hospital as an emergency case suffering from a dangerous attack of gastritis.

I investigated and found out that Sandra had been taking Epsom Salts over a period of a long time to keep her weight down. And after a particularly large dose brought on unbearable stomach pains, she became frightened, particularly as she also suffers from a chronic inflamed appendix, a condition made dangerous by potent laxative.

How many times is it necessary to say to you dieting youngsters—and to Sandra—that these extremes are not necessary!????? Put yourself in the hands of a reputable doctor who will give you a sensible diet.

Far too many of you read of where some glamour girl or social belle has lost ‘pounds and pounds’ on something silly like eating nothing but boiled chalk or—worse—going with no food at all. Then you go ahead and try to do the same thing.

It’s a crime against your good health—and I say stop it. Don’t be little fools! Without good health—all the fame in the world is worth little. I think Sandra has learned her lesson the hard way. I hope you will be as wise.