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    A Modern Girl’s Guide To The Modern Wolf



    The wolf is not what he used to be—he’s wilder, wilier, wickeder. He definitely wants to tangle, to tie you up in all kinds of knots—except, of course, the bridal one. The safest thing is to keep him away from your door—but then you’d be missing a lot of fun. So what should the modern girl do? Photoplay asked the experts: Rock Hudson (who’s got what every other wolf wishes he had) and Edie Adams (the girl who’s happily trapped with him in “Lover Come Back”). On these page, they show how to tame a modern wolf.

    Think before you drink — a little liquor goes a long way

    If he needs mothering, go ahead. But don’t you be the babe-in-arms

    If he says he’s misunderstood, give him sympathy. With that old line, he needs it!

    Do hold hands — it’s safer

    If he brags about other girls, he just to add you to his scrapbook. Paste him one!

    Darling, do shut up. You’re talking yourself out of another date

    It’s play house, but guys prefer other games. Stop, before he calls another girl

    If he ends up taking a correspondence course, you haven’t done your homework



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