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Intimate Thoughts Of Bride-To-Be—Evy Norlund & Jimmy Darren

Mrs. Jimmy Darren, Mrs. Jimmy Darren. . . . These words, like an unforgettable melody, keep singing in Evy Norlund’s mind as she makes her plans for her coming marriage. All the while she is thinking of important things, big things, like her trousseau (“So many lovely new clothes . . . I want to look beautiful for him always. . . .”) and furniture (“Our bedroom will be the sweetest, most romantic room in the whole world. . . .”) and silverware (“We’ll eat dinner by candlelight. . . .”) and how she’ll make Jimmy’s favorite dishes (“I hope I can learn to cook the way his mother does. . . .”) in a sparkling new kitchen—in the midst of all her planning, these precious words, Mrs. Jimmy Darren, keep coming back, and Evy hugs them close.

Her heart is bursting to tell someone how happy she is, how wonderful he is, how much in love she is . . . and yet how apprehensive she sometimes is. . . . But these are intimate thoughts to share with a girlfriend, a bestfriend, and Evy’s best friend is 6,000 miles away from Hollywood, back home in Denmark. If Evy were home, she would be confiding now in Hanne Blarke, the girl she grew up with, the girl she promised would be her maid of honor someday.

At home, getting married would mean walking down the aisle on her father’s arm, in the dear old church where her childhood priest, Jack Stenberg, had confirmed her, and a lavish wedding reception at the smart Europa Hotel in Copenhagen with everybody there, all her family, her three sisters and her two brothers, her sixteen aunts and uncles, her thirty cousins, and the kids she’d gone to school with.

Evy misses all this, not having her family and friends with her to share her joyful plans. “I have to keep all the excitement to myself,” Evy complains wistfully—but only to herself. She does not want to tell Jimmy. “I want to be everything for him,” she says to herself, “everything good . . . I do not want to bring him any sadness . . . Because of Jimmy, I am happier than I ever dreamed possible. I want him to be as happy because of me.”

Then Evy smiles. looking forward to the wonderful honeymoon they will have in Europe soon, and that very special day when her husband will meet her family.

These are the intimate thoughts of a bride-to-be.