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    Hollywood Tour

    This month one of the most exciting I Hollywood Tours takes you exploring through Joan Fontaine’s home high in the Brentwood Hills, where nature peeks in through every window. Only eight rooms, but each one inviting you to stop and linger—over the antique spice cabinet on the living-room wall, the book-lined archway into the hall, the veranda where Joan and Bill breakfast, overlooking the mountains and ocean, the two big couches set in ceiling-to-floor bookshelves in the guest room, the jungle rock garden bordering the swimming pool.

    White, low, gabled—the home of Joan Fontaine of “Letters from an Unknown Woman” and Bill Dozier—neatles against a hill

    Guests linger in the formal dining room where tall cabinets display the ageless beauty of antique dishes

    Milk cans, lacquered green, become lamps in Joan’s living loom. Dutch figures etched in tile around the fireplace are glowingly framed by rose walls, wine rugs and drapes

    The sunroom, heart of Joan’s home, where guests relax—ivy, planted near the ceiling, brings in the outdoors even on a dull day

    “Lazy Susan” bedside tables revolve, hiding telephone and misceilany in niches and drawers

    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JANUARY 1948

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