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    Party Of The Month

    They’re Tartars! No one recognized Lana Turner, with warrior Keenan Wynn

    The Perils of Paris: Betty Hutton and Ted Briskin strike an Apache pose for Hymie

    Beauty and the beast: That isn’t a nightmare, Ann Blyth, it’s Lawrence Tierney up to his monkey tricks

    These gals were belles of the ball: Janet Leigh with hubby Stan Reams, Elizabeth Taylor with Tom Breen

    Paul Brinkman puts the Indian sign on Jack Benny, slopping to chat with Jeanne Crain

    Pretty Lila Leeds stopped the press—but Winchell doing a rhumba stopped Orson Welles!

    The John Lunds were intrigued by Dot Lamour’s hilarious song about herself, Benny’s hillbilly band

    Keep this mum! Bob Hope, Dottie Lamour and the diamond encrusted gold watch he received as master of ceremonies

    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JANUARY 1948

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