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The other guests were fascinated—and a little apprehensive—when they saw the young mother wade into the pool with her very young baby. But they needn’t have worried. For the mother was Esther Williams and the baby was her daughter, Susan Tenney Gage. Besides, Benjie was there with his life preserver! And Esther, who was herself a champion at fifteen, has a healthy respect for water.

The Gages were at Palm Springs on a holiday. And the heated pool was just right for this newest Gage water baby. Safely protected by her mother’s arms, Susan gurgled and splashed and thoroughly enjoyed her first swim. Benjie, watching, breathed a sigh of relief. This new sister of his was okay. She wasn’t a sissy like some girls!


Ever since Jeff Chandler separated from Marge, he’s been going around in circles—with the eligible girls in town. But don’t pin him down romantically. His two best girls are still daughters Jamie and Dana.


No stunt man takes over for this he-man. In a recent action scene, Burt Lancaster injured a leg. But he takes no chances with his private life. Burt’s happily married, the father of four and expecting a fifth.


She can’t, she says, see a thing without her specs! But if this blue-eyed blonde is near-sighted, Hollywood producers aren’t. Ever since she appeared with Gary Cooper in “High Noon,” Grace Kelly, who comes from a family of theatre people, has been co-starred with some of Hollywood’s top men. Grace doesn’t need glasses to see opportunity’s at her door.


There’s an imp in her eyes and gold in her voice. Right now Kathryn Grayson is warbling to the patrons of the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas. And still romantically unattached, although Katie intends to get married again. She wants a husband to love her, more babies to cuddle. But at this moment, to rumors of marriage, Katie twinkles, “Sorry—I’m still free as a bird!”


He doesn’t think he’s the type to play himself in “To Hell and Back,” the story of his own war experiences. But Audie Murphy’s too modest. For this soft-spoken Texan is proving to be the type the fans prefer.


Usually, when girls like Jean Peters go to Europe, they come back trailing a romance behind them. But not Jean. She went to Rome to make a picture and is still the lovely riddle Hollywood men can’t solve!


It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MAY 1954

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