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The Pinup Queens: Marilyn Monroe was due at her studio to start work on “Pink Tights,” but Marilyn didn’t show. The frantic studio heads didn’t know where she was. It developed that Miss Monroe was peeved with Twentieth because they hadn’t consulted her on the script. While production crew, and actors, including leading-man Frank Sinatra, who had rushed back from Rome and Ava to start work, sat idly by, Marilyn staged her small rebellion. She spent the time with Joe DiMaggio—house hunting! . . . Ava Gardner’s friends feel that her recent threats to retire in the hope of effecting a permanent reconciliation with Frankie are significant. When Frankie flew to Europe (where Ava is filming “The Barefoot Contessa”) to plead his cause, it made a deep impression on Ava. She is miserable away from him and more than anything she wants to have babies and settle down to a life of domesticity. Should she retire, the studio has Elaine Stewart waiting at the goal post. All this beautiful doll needs is a couple more pictures and she’ll be there at the top with the best of them. . . Virginia Mayo missed out on “Helen of Troy,” but ended up with a plum anyway. She got the female lead in Sir Walter Scott’s “The Talisman,” and Rex Harrison as her co-star . . . And Rhonda Fleming is the gal Technicolor was invented for. So don’t expect to see her in any black and white films. In the past two years every studio she has worked for has cast this flaming-haired beauty in color.

Hollywood Is Laughing: At Jean Simmons’ remark when asked how husband Stewart Granger was faring in England, “He’s miserable, cold and lonely—and I couldn’t be more delighted.” . . . At Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorre (just back from Europe) at a glamorous Hollywood party. The two movie mugs sat in a corner and exchanged baby pictures of their respective offspring! . . . At Bob Mitchum’s present to Jane Russell the day she started “The Big Rainbow.” It was a framed portrait of Jane’s head superimposed on Marjorie Main’s body. The accompanying note read: “This should satisfy the censors!” . . . At Errol Flynn (he wanted a boy and got a girl born to Patrice Wymore on Christmas morning in Rome) when he cracked, “Of course, it isn’t that I don’t like girls.” They’ve named their daughter Arnella Roma!

Top Rung: Cal accidentally caught the sneak preview of “Magnificent Obsession” and before our astonished eyes, Rock Hudson emerged as a fine sensitive actor. Studio executives were on hand to witness the terrific audience reaction, too. From now on Rock gets the cream of the crop in stories, casts and directors—plus a bonus which he’ll use as a down payment on his first home. Co-star Jane Wyman tells everyone that Rock’s going to be the biggest star in Hollywood.

Coming Events: Jennifer Jones had to bow out of Bing Crosby’s “Country Girl.” Stork’s orders! She and David Selznick, who already have sons by former marriages, are eagerly awaiting the birth of—a daughter, they hope. It’s doctor’s orders that Janet Leigh get herself a good rest if she wants to become a mother this year. Mrs. Tony Curtis says she’s about to become the resting-est gal in town . . . Burt Lancaster is on the expectant-papa list. “All we have to do,” he says, “is to raise the roof to make room for one more!”

High Hopes: Bob Hope tells it: While flying to an Army base to entertain the boys, he noticed that one paratrooper in the plane was extremely nervous. “Try and relax,” Bob said soothingly to the young man. “We’ll be landing soon.” The soldier gasped for breath. “That’s just it,” he moaned. “I’ve never landed before—except in a parachute!”

Boy Meets Girl: Scott Brady wants to date Debbie Reynolds, so he asked his agent to ask her agent to arrange an introduction. All this and no commission . . . Pier Angeli and Farley Granger had to travel all the way to Rome to meet each other. They often went to the same large parties at home, but no one ever got around to introducing them to each other . . . And no one has ever gotten around to introducing Steve Cochran to Jean Peters. “But where there’s life there’s hope,” grins Mr. Optimist . . . Personal to Kathryn Grayson: Handsome Bill Bishop wants to know how he can meet you! . . . The “old” June Haver is finally back. She’s bleached her hair a becoming blonde again. Since June and Fred MacMurray met at the John Wayne party, these lonely two are no longer lonely.

The Truth of the Matter: Now that he’s home from Europe and back on his ranch, Clark Gable’s disposing of the late Carole Lombard’s personal possessions. She was the great love of his life and for years he couldn’t bring himself to face anything—but memories! . . . Jeff Chandler and Susan Hayward won’t be seeing each other, unless they happen to meet at the same party. Although friends since high-school days with so much in common, their mutual advisers feel that Jess Barker’s attitude toward his estranged wife is too unpredictable to risk possible misunderstanding.

Road Show: It happened at one of those Saturday-night parties, where Hollywood sits around talking about Hollywood. Eventually they got to the Rita Hayworth-Dick Haymes situation and their urgent need for ready cash. “I hear they’re going to take an act out on tour,” said a famous glamour girl. “I wonder what they’ll do.” At this point, Red Skelton pulled up a chair. “Well, Rita can always do scenes from her latest divorce!” dead-panned Red.



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