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    Hollywood Picture Gallery


    When Tony Curtis heard he was at last going to do a musical, he leaped with joy. He went on leaping in dance rehearsals with Gene Nelson for “Three Gobs in Paris.” “Whoever said dancing was sissy stuff ought to try a few routines with Gene,” groaned Tony. But after the initial aches and pains, Tony began to enjoy his role as a song-and-dance man. Says Gene, “Tony’s a natural.” Maybe some day the public will be seeing a musical in which the co-stars are Mr. and Mrs. Tony Curtis!


    Two of the proudest kids in the world watched Frank Sinatra step up to receive an Oscar for his great performance in “From Here to Eternity.” They were Frankie, Jr. and Nancy, Jr. When the news was announced, Nancy began to cry from sheer ‘joy. At dinner that night, the children had given their father two medals—a St. Anthony and a St. Genesius. Looking at them, Frank knew he had to win. For on the back of the St. Genesius medal was a small Oscar—and the inscription, “to daddy—all our love from here to eternity.”


    When accordionist Dick Contino came back from Korea, the first girl he saw was Piper Laurie. And when Piper left for a short visit with relatives in Detroit, the last boy she saw—was Dick Contino. Both deny it’s a romance—insist they’re just friends. And it’s a fact they’re both dating others. But maybe Cupid’s just being coy. Because Dick rushed all the way from Glendale to Los Angeles’ Union Station to say goodbye to Piper. He hadn’t even had time to buy a farewell gift. But the fact that he was there seemed enough for Piper. And when her train pulled out, Dick watched it until it disappeared!


    Horses have been tops with Tab Hunter ever since he was a kid of twelve. But in the last year he’s had little time for his favorite sport. Tab’s been concentrating on his career. The public went for him in his first film, “Island of Desire.” But the producers claimed he couldn’t act. Tab knew it was up to him. He studied hard, won the co-starring role with Marilyn Erskine in road show, “Our Town.” His acting brought the critics’ acclaim and producers to his door.


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JULY 1954

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