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Squeeze Play

When “The Searchers” company went on location to Monument Valley, the outlook looked pretty grim tor teenagers Pat Wayne and Natalie Wood. No corner drugstores or drive-ins —just sand and sun and long evenings of nothing. It was the end, simply the end, until director John Ford produced a miracle—character actor Don Borzage. An accomplished accordionist, Don soon had the joint—er, desert—jumping for Pat and Nat!

Pat’s attempts to play the accordion sends Natalie—into protesting shrieks! ”That’s Love Me or Leave Me’, ” he explained. To Nat, digging the sand out of Pat’s eyes, it sounded more like the coyote chorus!

16-year-old Pat and 18-year-old Nat enjoyed each other’s company, kidded a lot between scenes. He thinks Nat’s a swell actress. Pat’s no slouch himself, has inherited acting talent of proud dad Duke Wayne, who stars in film

Natalie Wood is also in “The Burning Hills”


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