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The doctors have in-formed Debbie Reynolds and Harry Karl that the loss of the baby won’t prohibit them from trying again. So Mr. Stork will probably get the word from the Karl household again in the not too distant future. And you may be assured that the next time Debbie becomes pregnant she’ll hibernate for the nine months, not lifting so much as her little finger. It was just too much of a strain on Debbie to keep up the pace she did prior to the loss of the Karl heir.

And I don’t think it helped matters either when Eddie Fisher came back to Hollywood to live. I can recall that one of the reasons Debbie allowed Eddie to obtain a quickie divorce in Las Vegas was that he promised not to come any closer to California than the Grand Canyon. My, how times and Elizabeth Taylor’s loves change everything.

The way it looks now, Janet Leigh may beat Tony Curtis to the altar. Janet appears deeply in love with Robert Brandt, the stock investor. And Tony’s romance with Christine Kaufmann appears to be cooling somewhat. As I’ve known for a long time, Janet is selling the $250,000 home she shared with Tony. She may even move into an apartment.

Gary Clarke is up to bat again in Connie Stevens’ life, and this time it looks like he’s determined to hit a home run and sweep her away to the church. The main reason Gary didn’t marry Connie a year ago was because he couldn’t afford to buy even a package of Wheaties. However, now he’s in a TV series (“The Virginians”), and he’s stocking the shelves as well as his bank account. He gave Connie a jade ring and bracelet for her birthday.

Felicia Farr must have taken my advice, Jack Lemmon was getting tired of asking her become Mrs. Lemmon and his eyes were wandering—mainly to model Susan Woods. So Felicia finally said yes, and they were married in Paris (see below) in a ten-minute ceremony to climax one of Hollywood’s longest courtships.

Big buzz about Sophia Loren and Cary Grant. Talk was that she refused to even answer his calls when she was in Hollywood. An insider tells me Cary’s crush on the Italian actress is tantamount to Liz and Dickie Boy. However, Sophia is happily married and won’t give Cary a second wink.

The latest on Jill St. John and Lance Reventlow: Lance wants to prove he can make his way in the world without his mother’s help. Jill wants to prove she’s an actress. She’s even decided to live in Paris for a year to add some international flavor to her background.

The reason Henry Fonda high-tailed it back to Jackson, Wyo., following the filming of “Spencer’s Mountain” was a pretty cocktail waitress he met in one of the town’s pubs. She’s a divorcee and a very beautiful one. Henry met her while the company was locationing there. She served a mean martini and the actor is intoxicated with her beauty.

Scooping Around: Maureen O’Hara’s daughter Bronwyn is an avid football fan. Why? Because she’s dating pigskin star Mike Henry. . . . Twentieth Century-Fox Studios shelved forever “Something’s Got To Give,” the ill-fated film that Marilyn Monroe was supposed to do. However, the studio is going ahead with its suit against Dean Martin for bowing out. . . . Don’t ever invite Paul Newman and Robert Webber to the same party. Paul objected strongly about Joanne Woodward’s love scenes with Bob in “A Woman in July.” Paul felt Bob was overacting in the clinches. I’d do the same thing, Paul. . . . Big mystery as to why Connie Stevens became ill and entered a secluded hospital. Many accusations, but few facts. . . . Haven’t Barbara Luna and Doug McClure dated the stork? . . . Look for Bo Belinsky to give up baseball next season and concentrate on becoming a movie star. He may make it, too. This boy can throw a lot of curves—just ask Tina Louise. . . .

You read it here first about Linda Darnell and Robbie Robertson splitting. Now you can read it here first that the high-flying pilot is about to marry a sexy foreign actress. . . . Barry Sullivan and Desiree Sumara did as predicted. They tied the knot. . . . Looks as if Ricky Nelson and Chris Harmon are really mad about each other. She’s the daughter of former football star Tom Harmon. The pair has the blessing of both sets of parents. . . . Isn’t Annette Funicello taking the ponies too seriously? She was spotted at Del Mar racetrack looking like a veteran bettor. . . . Sue Lyon finally got to see herself in “Lolita” in Italy. She’s too young to see it here. . . . Yvette Mimieux secretly took a trip to Europe with a man. Don’t get excited. The man is the husband she won’t admit exists. Isn’t this a little embarrassing, Yvette? How do you explain to the hotel management? Maybe she says he’s her brother. . . . Disturbing rumors about Ingrid Bergman and her Lars. He wants to help her career like another love she once had.

You have to hand it to Eddie Fisher. He respects Ann-Margret’s parents so much that he’s not trying to pull the wool over their eyes. When he invited Ann to fly up to Lake Tahoe to see him, he also invited her parents. He wants to prove to them that his intentions are very, very honorable. . . . Good going, Eddie Boy!

Poor Juliet Prowse. Apparently she’s on the black-list of both Frank Sinatra and Fisher. I think she did too much exploiting of her dates with both. One thing you don’t do if you’re dating either is to talk about them to the press. Well, she can always go back to Eddie Goldstone.

That crazy pad Troy Donahue leased has everything from a swimming pool to an intercom system. It’s located in the hills—far removed from any neighbors who could complain. Incidentally, Troy’s old love, Lili Kardell, is back in town following a non-productive trip to Italy to make films. She just couldn’t make a deal, so she came back to Hollywood.

Glenn Ford and Hope Lange are still an item. However, I hear he’s furious because Hope still persists in seeing young Robert Logan.

Another spat between Rock Hudson and Marilyn Maxwell. This time, I hear, he made the move to kiss and make up.

The location—around Jayne Mansfield’s heart-shaped swimming pool. The scene—Jayne telling Mickey Hargitay she’s in love with another. The “other” is an Italian producer, Enrico Bomba, whom she met while filming “Panic Button.” I certainly extend my condolences to Mickey. He did everything for Jayne with the exception of installing a heart-shaped water closet in the house. Come to think of it, he may have done that, too. Look for her to obtain a quickie divorce and marry her Don Juan. That’s if he can get free. The only problem is that Italy doesn’t recognize a divorce, so he’ll have to get one Yankee-style.

I’m still puzzled as to why Hollywood was allowed to film “PT 109.” The story is weak, and they’re so many problems in filming the saga of President Kennedy helming a PT Boat. The original director, Lewis Milestone, has already been replaced. The only resemblance between the pic’s star, Cliff Robertson, and our President is the fact that both have a striking head of hair.

Short Takes: Strange, not a word of regret out of the White House on the death of Marilyn Monroe. And part of the hot water she got into with the studio was over politics. She claimed she was too ill to work on “Something’s Got To Give,” but this didn’t prevent her from flying to New York to sing Happy Birthday to the President. . . . Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin are so very friendly on the Paramount lot these days. . . . Mike Landon and his gal are postponing the marriage for a bit. Dodie Landon was slated to obtain the divorce Sept. 11 th. . . . The Mickey Callans hope that the marriage counselor can patch things up. I doubt it. . . . The going is rough for Peter Brown. He’s planning to go abroad to get some work following the collapse of his “Lawman” TV series. . . . It’s Peter Mann all the way with Susan Kohner. Oddly enough, he acts and looks very much like George Hamilton. . . . Advice to Elsa Martinelli. Put on weight. You looked too skinny in “The Pigeon that Took Rome.”

The latest chapter in the Liz Taylor-Richard Burton fiasco. I hear from insiders that Liz has attorneys working on a deal to make it so tempting to Dickie Boy’s wife that she’ll let him go. It’s sort of ironical. I recall that Eddie Fisher did everything but hock his underwear to get free of Debbie Reynolds so he could marry Liz. Now it’s Liz trying to negotiate a similar deal. Meantime, Liz and Dickie continue to carry on like it was the normal thing for a married man to do. I understand that he’s even convinced her to change religions again. She became a member of the Jewish faith when she married Eddie.

What’s this? One of Vince Edwards’ pals tells me he has a crush on Brigitte Bardot. Come to think of it, her anatomy would be interesting, especially to a doctor like Ben Casey.

A hint of trouble again between Jane Russell and Bob Waterfield. I wonder how much longer it can last?





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    I like this blog so much, saved to favorites. “Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.” by Peter De Vries.

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