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Love And Marriage: Marisa Pavan has rings on her fingers and stars in her eyes. The first ring, from Jean Pierre Aumont, is for friendship. The second signifies her engagement to the handsome Frenchman—and the third is a wedding band, which she has radiantly worn since March. The twenty-four-year-old beauty believes it’s “ideal” to have married a man nearly twice her age, and Jean Pierre is doubly thrilled because his little daughter Maria Christina (her mother was the late Maria Montez) and Marisa are already deeply devoted. . . . Robert Wagner’s frequent trips to La Jolla were inspired by his devotion to his parents—and Anita Reynald. It hasn’t been printed that Bob and Anita met while she was visiting friends in La Jolla and that Bob flipped his talented wig for the beautiful debutante. That was Anita who accompanied Bob to the airport when he took off for Honolulu to make “The Day the Century Ended.” They managed to avoid photographers and, when Bob tried to persuade Anita to go along for the ride, the lady said, “Not this time!” Now what do you suppose she meant by that?

Oscar Highlights: Ecstatic award winner Ernest Borgnine, who began his working life as a vegetable truck driver, was the second person to arrive at the Pantages Theatre, award-giving night. . . . Backstage, sweet Marisa Pavan was drenched in her own tears, and not because she lost the best supporting actress award to Jo Van Fleet. After accepting for award-winning Anna Magnani, she said, “If only Anna could have had this moment!” . . . Said best supporting actor Jack Lemmon, who wasn’t nervous—except that he backed into fresh paint: “I’m just fine—but where am I?” . . . Jo Van Fleet kept mumbling: “I’m numb, I’m numb!” Emcee Jerry Lewis: “They got me because they couldn’t find Bob Hope—he was home!” . . . The father of James Dean, the forgotten man, was in the audience to accept the posthumous award that didn’t come. . . . Audrey Hepburn, as enchanting as ever, quietly watched the proceedings—even the commercials—on a backstage monitor. . . . Grace Kelly, looking poised, polite and wistful in her fragile gown, was almost destroyed by the milling mob. Exclaimed Grace: “For the first time I realize I’m going away from—Hollywood!”

Romantic Viewpoints: Handsome George Nader and pretty Mara Corday are playing it safe. “This is a publicity romance.” they humorously announces “We’re not in love and don’t intend to get married.” . . . Looks like love at last for enchanting Debra Paget. “Anyone special you want invited to your party?” her mother asked. “Larry (Bud) Pennell.” Debbie dimpled and blushed. . . . Anita Ekberg, wearing a most plunging neckline, sat in a dark corner of the Beverly Luau and bussed British actor Anthony Steele on the cheek. Asked if they were engaged, the Swedish siren replied, “Such a question is very embarrassing!” But late in March, it was very true! . . . It’s a made-to-order romance for Richard Egan and Dorothy Malone. Both are Catholic and neither has been married before. They’re the right age for each other, they’ve been working in RKO’s “Tension at Table Rock” by day and dating by night.

Wedding Belle Blues: The one person who wasn’t enthused about “the” wedding was Jimmy Stewart. He has it in his contract that Grace Kelly plays opposite him in “Designing Woman.” and her name on a theatre marquee means money at the box office. If the Prince doesn’t permit his Princess to return to Hollywood, Jimmy, who gets a percentage of the profits, may not make the movie!

Hook, Line and Love: Who says the honeymoon is over when a wife selects her husband’s clothes? Not Russ Tamblyn, who insisted that Venetia help him buy a new suit. “I fell for a snappy chalk-striped number,” he grins, “but when we walked out of the store, I was wearing navy blue!” When Venetia gave Russ one of those do-it-yourself tool kits, he made her a coffee table for their new Hollywood apartment.

True Blue: It was a good try, but those “interested” parties didn’t break up Kim Novak’s romance with Mac Krim while she was away publicizing “Picnic.” Mac was there waiting when her train pulled into the station, and they fell into each other’s arms. Kim’s three years at the Hollywood Studio Club (the allotted time for individual residence) expire in October. “I’m not worried about finding a place to live,” says the beautiful blonde, and we think we know why. As Mrs. Mac Krim, she won’t have to worry!

Clip Joint: Everyone now knows that Marilyn Monroe’s personally produced pictures will be released by Warner Bros. Consequently, her appearance on the M-G-M lot caused riotous rumors. And here’s the big laugh: Marilyn is making “Bus Stop” for 20th Century- Fox, but she happens to think that M-G-M’s Sidney Guilaroff is the greatest hair stylist in the business. Marilyn loves that famous tousled effect, which only Sidney can create to her satisfaction. Thus, she was getting a haircut and not signing a big deal, as printed!

Names In The News: Pier Angeli, suffering from exhaustion, a high fever and an inflamed throat, was rushed to the hospital by Vic Damone (rumored to be leaving M-G-M). Vic insists that his wife take a long rest before she works again. Following serious major chest surgery, a long rest was also prescribed for Humphrey Bogart. This time, Bogey’s taking orders, not giving em! . . . Dean Martin’s answer to are-they-or-aren’t-they reconciled: “Just say that Jeanne and I are going steady!” . . . More movie magic in the fabulous life of Frank Sinatra. Returning to Columbia for “Pal Joey,” he’ll earn at least ten times more than the $10.000 paid him for “From Here to Eternity.” A deep bow to Dick Powell and June Allyson, co-chairmen of the Suzan Ball Memorial Fund, and to all those devoting their hearts and efforts toward raising funds for the fight against cancer.

Mistaken Identity: It must have been a couple of other fellows. That’s all we can say regarding the report that Steve Allen’s wife. Jayne Meadows, visited the set of U-I’s “The Benny Goodman Story” last summer and sat around all one afternoon watching Steve do love scenes with Donna Reed. There was nothing wrong with the story, really, except that it never happened. Jayne’s friends report that. being a professional actress, she wouldn’t think of embarrassing Steve by watching him on the set, especially during love scenes. However, Jayne did visit Universal one day, to have lunch with U-I president, Milton Rachmil.

Welcome Mat: The other day, when Cal answered his doorbell, there stood Rock Hudson. “I was looking at a house nearby,” the big fellow grinned, “so I just thought I’d drop in.” Rock still looked thin after losing ten pounds in Mexico. “But I never felt better in my life,” he said, kicking off his moccasins and stretching out comfortably. “However. you may be hearing that I’m hard to handle and ungrateful. I hope not. but I’m going to hold out for better stories at U-I. Then I’m forming my own company with Henry Ginsberg. who produced ‘Giant.’ I’ve been very lucky,” Rock added, “but actors must appear in good pictures today if they want to survive. I certainly do—and how!”

Spirit World: Bill Holden is the best sport in town. He gave up days and nights to cooperate with a national magazine doing a profile story on him. He posed for family pictures and even asked his friends to contribute material. Typical of Bill, he said, “I don’t mind what you print about me as long as you tell the truth.” He admitted he drinks, but the article made him sound like a lush. Letters from religious cranks berated him; others offered to save his soul. Bill was terribly embarrassed, but he didn’t get mad. “It’s the chance one takes in this business.” he says, “but I’m deeply sorry if anyone was unnecessarily disillusioned.”

Peeks At Production: Natalie Wood’s little sister Lana made such a hit in “The Searchers.” Warners wants her for a term deal. However. big sister Nat believes it’s a bit too soon for the ten-year-old to sign on the dotted line. . . . Some gagster on the set of “The Opposite Sex” pinned miniature boxing gloves on June Allyson’s and Joan Blondell’s dressing-room doors. What a let-down he got when Dick Powell’s past and present wives hit it off like sorority sisters! . . . Between scenes of “Somebody Up There Likes Me,” Sal Mineo studied in the same M-G-M classroom where Lana Turner, Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney studied.

Time marches on!

School Daze: Scott Brady’s developing a mind to match that strong body by studying philosophy at UCLA. while Vincent Price is taking a special Spanish course there now. . . . And handsome Jack Sernas is softening his accent with private lessons. He loves Hollywood and hopes to stay and make many movies. . . . Ever-thoughtful Tab Hunter gave his mother an appropriate gift for her birthday. She’s completing her education at Long Beach State College, and Tab gave her a lapel pin in the shape of a red apple! Tab, incidentally, was bitten by the rock ’n’ roll bug when he appeared on Jimmy Durante’s TV show, and fans bombarded him with go-man-go letters. Now Tab wants to make a musical. Warners would be wise to cash in on this, and they may do just that—to get Tab off their necks!




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