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Moonlight and Shadows: Their best false friends believe that Arlene Dahl is beginning to care too much and may be building up to an awful let-down with Fernando Lamas . . . Back in civvies, Vic Damone was lonesome until he met Mona Freeman and then two people weren’t lonesome . . . Their personal press agents feel that Rock Hudson and Elaine Stewart were made for each other, so it won’t be long now! . . . When Lori Nelson and her high-school sweetheart agreed to disagree and the engagement of Richard Long and Mary Briggs came to an abrupt end, you can guess what happened! Yes, Dick and Lori make a very handsome couple.

No Bones: Apropos of all that front-page publicity on writer Cy Howard and Lauren Bacall Bogart, when Cy claimed that the Bogarts’ barking boxers kept him awake all night, the dog fur flew in all directions. At the time Bogie was in Europe making a picture, so he missed the fun. But when his “Baby” joined him over there, Bogart had all his friends lined up at the airport and when she stepped off the plane—they threw back their heads and barked at her!

Cal’s News: Any moment now Betty Grable and Twentieth Century-Fox are expected to end their twelve-year association. Refusing to make “The Pleasure Is All Mine” on loanout to Columbia, resulted in her third, and what looks like Betty’s last, suspension . . . Just as we predicted months ago, Farley Granger fought his last battle with producer Sam Goldwyn, secured his release and is now on his way to Rome to make a movie. After which New York will be Farley’s headquarters, and Dawn Addams will be in the market for a new boy friend in Hollywood . . . There are those on the European scene who report to film-town that Tarzan’s mating call isn’t sufficiently intriguing to induce Lana Turner to change her name to Mrs. Lex Barker. Boredom, the reports insist, is lurking just around the not-so-romantic corner.

Favorite Dish: The Pink Pig out San Fernando Valley way is the favorite eating place of many stars, including Virginia Mayo. One evening when the Michael O’Sheas dropped in for dinner, the proprietor announced he had named a salad after the beautiful blonde. “How nice,” beamed Virginia sweetly, then as an after thought, “What is it?” The proud proprietor answered, “Stuffed tomato!”

Here and There: Because Terry Hunt’s health emporium in the Valley is patronized mostly by women, his best friend, Audie Murphy, has a special front-door key to use on Sundays . . . Bob Wagner’s in the dog house with film-town photogs because he will not allow any of them to shoot pictures in his bachelor apartment . . . Patrice Wymore in Monte Carlo post-cards friends that she’s hoping her expected baby can be named Errol Flynn, Jr. . . . June Allyson devoted an entire day to making the rounds and saying a final thank-you before she checked off the M-G-M lot . . . Driving back from Detroit in his new yellow convertible, Rock Hudson walked in on surprised relatives in Kansas City. They put him up for the night—on a cot in the living room!

Just for Laughs: Clifton Webb about a TV star who looks so round, so firm, so fully packed—with food: “If she doesn’t lay off those whipped-cream desserts, she’ll eat herself right onto one of those panel shows!”

Red Letter Date: While Janet and Tony Curtis were in New York to plug their film, “Houdini,” they took time off for some big celebrations: Their second wedding anniversary and the marriage of close friends, singer Monica Lane and RKO publicist John Springer. Who could ask for more?

Blue Skies: The tall, handsome young man stood at the airport gate and watched the plane out of sight. When he finally turned away his shoulders sagged slightly. John Hodiak had come to bid goodbye to his young daughter, Katrina, who was off to join her mother, Anne Baxter, in Europe. With his little girl gone, the last tie to John’s marriage was broken. A kindly man, he deserves happiness.

Peeks at Production: Temper and temperament displayed by Howard Keel and Kathryn Grayson on the “Kiss Me Kate” set had nothing to do with his splitting his tights. The big guy just stooped over too fast! . . . The day following his first torrid love scene with Rita Hayworth in “Miss Sadie Thompson,” Aldo Ray’s upper lip developed a fever blister! Coincidence? . . . Gold sandals, bangs and the shortest skirt allowed by the Breen office comprise the Biblical costumes worn by Vie Mature and Richard Egan in “The Story of Demetrius”—which is why the studio messenger girls whistle.

Hollywood’s Unhappy About: Guy Madison’s futile attempts to solve his marital situation with Gail Russell. No man ever tried harder to help his wife find a release from her problems. . . . Pier Angeli’s susceptibility to the charms of Kirk Douglas. Now that both are making movies in Europe, there’s the possibility of an early marriage . . . Eleanor Parker’s surprise decision to divorce producer husband, Bert Friedlob . . . Whispers that float across the Atlantic to say that Laurence Olivier has a new heart interest and as soon as Vivien Leigh recovers from her illness, there will be an announcement.



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