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That Certain Party: It’s news, even in Hollywood, when the Herman Hovers take over their own Ciro’s and give a Welcome Home costume party for Terry Moore, Susan Zanuck and balance of the troupe who entertained our boys in Korea. Oriental in motif, the gold Buddhas, incense and balloon-fish lanterns attracted such far-west beauties as Ann Blyth, who was with her good doctor (natch!) and so radiant over future production plans. Gentle Annie’s first baby will be born in June—“Maybe on our first anniversary”—and she sings in her first supper club in September at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas . . . Hard-working Scott Brady on location all day had no time to pick up his costume. Instead, he drove a hundred miles and picked up Marie Windsor! . . . “Who needs men!” Terry Moore, stood up in a nice way when Eddie Fisher’s plane arrived too late or the party, winked when she said it . . .

. . . And devilish Debbie Reynolds produced her promised “mystery guest” who turned out to be former professional baseball player, Max Anthony, now working in the casting office at Columbia. He’s Debbie’s brother’s best friend . . . Blonde and beautiful Kathleen Hughes with golf pro Al Besselink: “I had to be up at dawn, so Al took me home early and I insisted he return to the party. The columnists printed he was putting one over on me—so I got a little extra space!” . . . And while we’re on the subject, that was Dietrich’s “Destry” costume worn by Jeanne Crain to the Gay Nineties party given for John Wayne. “It was our first party since returning from Africa,” sighs Mrs. Brinkman. “Paul grew a wonderful Van Dyke beard over there, which would have been perfect for his gay-blade costume. Now wouldn’t you know e’d shave that beard off the day before the party!

Guys And Dolls: Famous accordionist Dick Contino spent his first day as a civilian on the set with Piper Laurie, who was his last date before he went into the army. That night Dick’s mother cooked them pizza pie and then he handed out presents he brought from Japan. For Piper, five yards of white brocaded silk . . . Rock Hudson’s had it as far as hilltop homes are concerned. He was marooned by heavy rains, a short circuit cut off the electricity and a dead skunk floated into his yard! Girl friend Betty Abbott is now helping him find a nice cozy apartment on terra firma . . . And poor Tab Hunter is about ready for a strait-jacket! For weeks he tried to take Debra Paget to the movies. Finally he landed a date and was then forced to cancel it when he suddenly left for the “Battle Cry” location.

Believe It or Not: The ever-surprising Jane Russell, who’s been busy recording religious songs, didn’t know how to do the Mambo for a scene in “Big Rainbow.” The studio had to call in an expert … The very gay June Haver may not admit it to the press, but to friends she confides that she’s really in love. And June and Mona Freeman got their heads together at a party and told each other why they like “older” men. Now who do you think the girls had in mind? . . . Once upon a long time ago, Virginia Mayo worked in a vaudeville act with Pansy the Hollywood Horse. The girl she got to re- place her was Virginia’s friend named—Linda Christian! . . . They actually stood in line at 20th to shake hands with Richard Widmark, who is so loved on the lot everyone was disconsolate when he decided to leave and free lance . . . To keep peace with friends, fans and studio, Lana Turner’s decided to leave her hair dark and wear a blonde wig in alternating pictures . . . And Guy Madison really threw the masked panel for a loop on TV’s “What’s My Line,” when he told them he wasn’t a blond! Well. he is certainly the boy who should know!

Bride Of The Year: Well, Marilyn Monroe finally got to Tokyo, and then on to Korea. It took a marriage to Joe DiMaggio and a studio suspension to turn the trick. And speaking of the most fabulous blonde since the late Jean Harlow, most of Joe’s family was rather upset when his marriage excommunicated him from the Church. In fact, his married sister (she owns half of Joe’s San Francisco home) didn’t attend the wedding.

Junior Critic: It happened at the James Masons, who were tossing another in- imitable party. As usual, little Portland Mason joined the guests at nine-thirty. “We have a wonderful surprise for you,” exclaimed Pamela Mason, “we’re going to run Hans Christian Andersen!” The picture went on and a few minutes later the fabulous Porty was shrieking at the top of her voice: “I can’t stand Danny Kaye—he bores me!” Even the Masons were stunned, accustomed as they are to her frankness.

Gable-Gram: So typical. after twenty-three years at M-G-M, Clark Gable vetoed a farewell party when he checked off the lot. According to a close friend: “Clark’s tired of living in Hollywood. but he doesn’t know where to go. He doesn’t want to get married, but no matter how often he explains this, his gal friends always get serious and spoil their romance.” The King celebrated his fifty-third birthday on the “Betrayed” set. Lana Turner and Vic Mature gave him a cake baked in the shape of a crown. But Clark’s little gift to Clark was the white Lincoln convertible with red leather upholstery in which he drove away for the last time.


It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MAY 1954

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