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Rattles and Tattle: Poor Shelley Winters, who was too sick to talk, was in the hospital twenty-four hours before anyone knew she was a mother. Born prematurely on Valentine’s Day, Vittoria Gina Gassman weighed four pounds, ten ounces and was promptly placed in an incubator. Pity! Vittorio wanted a son so badly. But when Shelley called him in Italy, where he’s in a play, he was,. of course, delighted. . . . ’Tis true her studio may not know where Marilyn Monroe lives (they have to contact her through her agent), but Cal can tell them. The “bad” and the beautiful one checked out of the Beverly Hills Hotel and into a brand new apartment on North Doheny Drive. It’s very modern and exclusive with only six units to the building. One, incidentally, is occupied by heart-whole and fancy-free John Hodiak. He hasn’t met Maid Marilyn yet—but everyone has to borrow a cup of sugar from a good neighbor! And what a goody this one is!


Hollywood Believes: That despite their current companionship and the fact that they’re expecting a second child, the Tyrone Powers have merely reached an “understanding” and are waiting only until the propitious time to announce their permanent separation . . . That Joan Crawford, whose loyalty to Hollywood is far beyond the call of duty, still stuck her beautiful neck out by publicly “spanking” Marilyn Monroe for intentionally attracting too much attention and not behaving like a “lady.”


Cal Salutes: Robert Wagner for keeping a handsome head on level shoulders. When a writer referred to him as a big star, Bob remonstrated: “Look—Robert Taylor, Clark Gable and Gary Cooper are big stars. I’m just beginning.” . . . Lucille Ball for retaining no bitterness toward those who pushed her around a few short years ago. Says the incomparable Lucy: “When I left M-G-M, I was terribly discouraged, but I tried to believe it was all for the best. Now, when Desi and I return there for ‘The Long, Long Trailer,’ we’ll receive $250,000 for our work. Looking back, maybe I could have hated a lot of people. But I’ve lived to learn that hating only destroys the hater.”


In Case You Care: Mitzi Gaynor’s hair is back to brown again, her natural color . . . Since his separation, Dean Martin’s been living with Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Lewis . . . Keefe Brasselle can’t wear his “Eddie Cantor” contact lenses in the sun because they make his eyes water . . . Ginger’s Jacques draws $250 a week from M-G-M until his English warrants a screen test. In the meantime, the studio hasn’t actually signed him . . . Jane Wyman requires one day’s notice before she receives a gentleman (or lady) of the press on the set . . . People sometimes mistake attractive Georges Saurel, who is especially attracted to Lana Turner, for Gary Merrill, who belongs to Bette Davis.


It’s News That: Two operations in one week for Dick Powell may have been rough on him, but they turned June Allyson into a lovely hysterical wreck . . . Humphrey Bogart, who is a student of Greek mythology these days, suffered a tongue injury while driving a car in Naples . . . All’s quiet on the matrimonial front with the Robert Newtons, who are now expecting the stork . . . The Guy Madisons may reconcile. Actually, he only moved into an apartment because “Burning Arrow” is his first movie in years and he needed peace and quiet to concentrate . . . Evelyn Keyes is back in Hollywood to make a movie with John Wayne and to collect, she hopes, all or part of that $20,673 back alimony owed her by director John Huston . . . Just as Cal predicted months ago, Van Johnson is leaving M-G-M. He’ll check off the lot at the end of this year. Also leaving are the Gower Champions and maybe Spencer Tracy, too. Yes, the Hollywood scene moves on.


Help Wanted: Once upon a time, Jeff Chandler couldn’t get his big toe in a studio. Now, when Twentieth tried to borrow him for “The Robe,” all U-I asked in return was the Services of—Marilyn Monroe! . . . Due to illness, Ann Sothern’s future looked hopeless. Then her comedy stole “The Blue Gardenia,” and her “Private Secretary” on TV is so good that Jack Benny has now requested Ann for his summer replacement on radio . . . Paramount needs a strong dramatic actress and they want Susan Hayward. She was only under contract there for years and nothing happened. Now—try and get her!


Professional Plasma: Third Dimension or the 3-DT’s, as it’s kiddingly called, has arrived in Hollywood. Currently, the method, still new and experimental, has the town in a turmoil. But the general feeling is that—as a means of fighting TV—it’s the healthiest and helpfulest thing that’s happened since the advent of talkies! Stars come to life in 3-D. They look round an,d real instead of artificial and Hat. Paramount’s product called Paravision, features the first 3-D in Technicolor and stars Arlene Dahl and Fernando Lamas in “Sangaree.” Wuw. does their love-making come to life! At Twentieth, they “re shooting “The Robe” in their own CinemaScope. Columbia’s using Warners’ Natural Vision—and wait till yon see what 3-D does for those Can-Can dancers in “House of Wax”! Of course, you know about Cinerama, with its three curved screens. And note: those polarized glasses people are wearing to view “Bwana Devil” aren’t a necessary evil. Currently, the major problem is to decide the best and easiest method, because special screens and projectors will have to he installed in theatres all over the country. Naturally, equipment will have to he standard. So Hollywood’s keeping production at snail’s pace till things simmer down and normalcy rules the roost again.


At the Moment: When Debbie Reynolds isn’t with new actor Tom Morton or singer Alan Dale, she is with Tab Hunter, helping him find a cabin site at Lake Arrowhead, where he plans to build . . . Farley Granger. who’s been fancy free for a long time, has found himself a gal! Dark-haired, lovely Dawn Addams is his constant date . . . Fair exchange: Robert Wagner has promised to introduce Rock Hudson to Terry Moore in exchange for a formal knockdown to Piper Laurie . . . The two blond-Ls. Lana and Lex sharing a “Missionary’s Downfall” (that’s a drink, son) at the Beachcombers.


One Man’s Family: The way things happen in Hollywood. Cal is surprised that Aldo Ray actually won the role of Sergeant O’Hara in “Miss Sadie Thompson” with Rita Hayworth. The guy, who’s merely perfect for the part, called his family in Crockett, California to tell ‘em. “My kid brother, who’s in high school, got on the phone.” grins Aldo. “He was thrilled—always wanted an autographed photo of Rita Hayworth!”


Around the Hollywood Clock: Marlon Brando’s former room-mate is now TV’s famous “Mr. Peepers” . . . Dan Dailey and Mrs. Donald O’Connor in the same party when singer Peggy Lee opened at the jam-packed Cocoanut Grove . . . John Lund, who’s always the life of every party, astounded Hollywood with the serious talent he displayed on tour reading Shakespeare . . . Painting his own car in the studio transportation department. Dale Robertson invited Bill Lundigan and Jeff Hunter to drop by and “split a brush” with him . . . To inquiries about her famous husband during his long run in New York. Mrs. Danny Kaye had a stock answer: “He’s at the Palace—where he’d rather be than any other place in the world!”

Animal Kingdom: Janet Leigh is hunting for a husband for Houdina, the French poodle Tony Curtis bought her from Ann Sheridan’s kennel . . . Beautiful Barbara Bates spends her spare time trapping gophers, and you would too it they destroyed your elegant and expensive garden . . . Whenever Steve Cochran has feminine guests for dinner. Clarence, his pet parrot, screams out. “What a man!” . . . Carleton Carpenter’s new boxer puppy wriggles her hips when she walks, so he’s named her—Marilyn!

Feed the Kitty: Talk of the town is Zsa Zsa Gabor’s rumored $7,500 weekly take-home pay for her Las Vegas nightclub stint. Fanged one fragile female: “Imagine what they’d pay her if she had any talent!”

People and Places: Gloria Grahame with Cy Howard, Robert Taylor with Ursula Thiess, Rock Hudson, Jeanne Crain, Joan Crawford, the Stewart Grangers, endless others at columnist Sheilah Graham’s reception to meet Wojciechowicz S. Wojtkiewicz, the handsome new husband she refers to as Bow-Wow—and need we add why! . . . Fans mistaking Virginia Mayo to be Mrs. George Sanders at the “Call Me Madam” premiere. Virginia signed their books—Zsa Zsa Mayo!

The Gower Champions and the Gene Nelsons at the Biltmore Theatre, watching Katharine Cornell on the stage and silent-screen siren, Theda Bara, who sat right in front of them.


Blues in the Night: Hades and Hollywood are paved with good intentions. Certainly Doris Day’s motives were the best when she happened to hear Merv Griffin singing in Las Vegas and induced studio executive Bill Orr to send for the singer and test him. Merv actually wasn’t too eager to try his luck in pictures, so you know the answer to that one! The successful singer got a contract! Now they’re saying that Doris used her influence to get herself a new leading man and put an end to making movies with Gordon MacRae. How can you win?

Paging Pinkerton: The Gary Cooper situation continues to mystify everyone. Now their old home is up for sale and they’re building a new one—together. No, they haven’t reconciled and they have no plans for a divorce. Rocky continues to date the ( eligible males about town. In Mexico making “Blowing Wild,” Gary seemed to be captivated by a fascinating female known as Chanelle. Rocky is planning to visit Europe, where Gary will be working to complete the eighteen-month tax sojourn.


Love’s Like That: Friends believe that it’s only a matter of time (and timing) before Fernando Lamas and Arlene Dahl give their romance back to Dan Cupid, with the sexy South American heading in the general direction of Rita Hayworth—he hopes!

Hollywood Wonders: If John Wayne has a new lady-love who visited the “Island in the Sky” location set and resembles Duke’s first and second wives? . . . Why Kirk Douglas calls syndicated columnists from Europe, asking them to give his love to Pier Angeli? Her phone out of order or sumpin’? . . . When will Vera-Ellen find happiness? She’s lost so much weight she now has a twenty-inch waist and continues to live on a starvation diet . . . Where Scott Brady gets the ideas his remarks are amusing, like those made to entertainers invited to his table at the Macayo?

Memory Course: Has it ever happened to you? If it has, you will know how the Ricardo Montalbans felt when they walked into a total stranger’s house. “Sally Forrest was being married there.” recalls Ricardo. “But we didn’t know a soul and everyone kept glaring at us. That’s when we discovered we were a week too early!” It happened again. recently. when agent Paul Small entertained for Ginger Rogers and husband Jacques Bergerac. “Georgianna looked so beautiful in a new gown,” Ricardo sighs sadly. “When we arrived the house was dark. A servant answered our ring and informed us that we were a week too late!” Maybe Cal should send the Montalbans a Marilyn Monroe calendar.


Starbright: Readers of photoplay certainly can pick ’em! Last year’s winner of the “Choose Your Star” contest was blonde Lori Nelson. Now Universal-International seconds the motion! Lori has been elevated to full-fledged stardom and assigned to co-star with Audie Murphy in “Three Were Renegades.” Congratulations to Lori and to readers of photoplay.

Off the Cuff: Ingrid Bergman has plans and hotel reservations in New York for the month of July. She definitely wants to spend a month with her daughter Jenny Ann, whom she hasn’t seen in two years. In the meantime she hoped to finish filming her director-producer husband’s latest picture. Picture progress developed a snag when husband Rossellini lost the leading man. With no shooting script and incomplete financing, Rossellini signed George Sanders to co-star with Ingrid. After a few weeks of the Rossellini system of filming on the peaceful isle of Capri, George was a nervous wreck and left Italy for England and another picture commitment. ’Tis said he might return if and when Roberto Rossellini shows him a finished shooting script and financing for same.


Together Again: After the absence of her husband, Bob Mitchum, from their home, Dorothy Mitchum announced their separation. But on the following day, Bob called her up and explained that he had been entertaining some visitors from Texas and had stayed with them at their hotel and that he’d be right home. That same night Bob took Dorothy to dinner and she announced that they were together again . . . Dean Martin bought his wife, Jeanne, a new Cadillac and announced that their trial separation is off. They’re together again . . . The on-again, off-again marriage of Alexis Smith and Craig Stevens is still on and off, but—you guessed it—they’re always together!



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