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Why Boys Whistle At Girls?

He couldn’t help but notice when she came into the room. She was dressed in a sweatshirt—he had to smile because it looked as if it might have been her father’s. Her skirt was nice but unpressed, and somehow, she seemed thrown together. It wasn’t that he didn’t like casual clothes—bulky sweaters, big scarfs—but a girl should look like a girl—soft, neat. He decided not to go over and speak to her (even though she was pretty). She was too sloppy.

For some reason, he couldn’t take his eyes off her when he saw her on the dance floor. She was dressed in white organdy with a bouquet of flowers in her hair, and when she moved, she seemed to glitter—like a birthday cake. Entranced, he watched her coyly finger the colored beads around her neck. He didn’t know why, but even though she was pretty, he never asked her to dance. He guessed she kind of embarrassed him. She was too overdressed.

He heard a few of the fellows give a wolf call so he turned. That’s when he saw her. She was dressed in a black dress that sort of hugged all around—at least that’s the way it looked as she stood poised with her hand on her hip. Maybe it was the heavy makeup or the bareness of her dress or her high heels, but something made him uneasy and he knew: She’s not my type. She’s a phony. She’s trying too hard to be sophisticated.

He thought, to himself, when he saw her: There’s the type of girl a guy would notice only if he tripped over her. She was dressed in a bulky tweed dress that didn’t have much shape but seemed as if she’s planned on growing into it. Just looking at her, he felt she’d be wearing the same prim style the rest of her life. He liked girls shy, but he passed her by. He could tell she’d never try anything new. She wouldn’t be fun. She was just too timid.

4 looks that topped the boys poll


If your taste is classic, Pat suggests: fake fur skirt (long or short) leopard top; fur collar on sweater.

If your taste is dressy, Bobby suggests: fur (fake or real) coat; peek-a-boo veil; velvet sheath; beads

If your taste is feminine, Paul suggests: organdy apron, fur-trimmed; gaily striped dress; fur helmet

If your taste is casual, Frankie suggests: plaid culottes; big velvet top; bulky sweater; long scarf.


Determine your style of dressing: feminine, classic, casual, sophisticated. And remember, who ever said you couldn’t change once in a while for fun!


The Casual Dresser: You feel “better” in casual things, you know it. Besides, for the type of activity casual clothes are more appropriate. Your problem is you get rutted, you never want to try anything new. (Try splurging one dressy dress and see how you feel; it’s marvelous for the morale, particularly around this time of year.) Remember, too, that being casual doesn’t mean “falling apart,” run-down sneakers; unpressed slacks or skirts; untidy hairdo; too-big shirts or sweaters. Casual means “happened by chance,” and the secret is takes time to we look like that! When speak of being casually dressed. we mean, naturally. And as Carol said. “One of the hardest things to do is to be yourself.”

Frankie Avalon suggests

Velveteen pullover and plaid culottes by Jules Isles for Mr. Mort

Mohair 64 scarf by Vera

Wool sweater by Jernat

The Dressy Dresser: You go to work; your favorite date is dinner for two; you plan a vacation far away from home; you dress for church on Sunday. In other words, you like to dress up. Your big mistake might be in confusing dressing-up with being sophisticated (something most American men run away from). As Carol says, “The black dress I’m modeling is really a good basic black one. but I’ve overdone it with my heavy makeup—and believe it or not, by not using accessories.” Most dressy dressers realize the long dangling earrings and the spiked heels are out of vogue, but do you realize that if you added some bold gold beads or a big rhinestone pin to the black dress Carol is wearing, you’d get a dramatic and bewitching effect. Good, exciting and individual accessories can subtly change a dress—provided, too, that it starts out a good fit. More than any other type, the dressy dresser must be impeccable in her grooming, her dress and her manner.

Bobby Darin suggests

White “unborn” calf fingertip coat by Fredrica

Gold veiling “Hedlid” by John Frederics Gold beads by Richilieu

Black velvet “easy flow” dress with gold embrodered insert by Anne Fogarty

The Feminine Dresser: Your greatest mistake is overdoing it, as Carol shows. (You can see Carol in “The Day of the Gun” for U-I.) You tend to wear too much jewelry and too many flowers and too many colors. You usually choose a dress that has enough ornament or a wide enough skirt or a flamboyant enough pat- tern that you don’t need more accent, but you do because you think it’s feminine. But being feminine means. as Paul said it most aptly, “A girl should look like a girl.” Men like to see a waist; like a dress to show off a nice figure; like a girl to smell nice and look neat. But they don’t want the dress to be dominant. They want it to show off the girl! Carol says: “Remember, when you’re in any doubt, take it off.”

Paul Anka suggests

Organdy apron with mink tail trim by Leitman Furs

Pixie Dalmatian “Charmer” by John Frederics

DuPont’s Antron multistriped bouffant dress by Jr. Theme

The Classic Dresser: You hate going to parties; you don’t mind if people don’t notice you; you rarely talk in a crowd; you collect milk glass and, when you go shopping, you usually come home with the same type of dress. You can’t help it but you feel shy. And as Pat Boone said, “Clothes tell a lot about a girl’s character.” Your clothes—more than with any other type of dresser—tell about you. Sometimes you use them to hide in. You don’t pay attention to fit; you always wear a dress with round collar; big pockets, too, to hide your hands. Your clothes are your retreat. Notice Carol’s manner. “I’m lost in this dress; I have no figure; I’m fading into the wallpaper, a real wallflower.” Did you ever think about this? Classic clothes don’t have to mean timid. They mean basic. But remember, improvise a bit. Wear a bright scarf; add a red rose; investigate accessories; try a new mood.

Pat Boone suggests

Long sleeve wool and mohair cardigan by Pendleton

Mink ascot by Fredrica Synthetic plaid fur “at home” dress by Lee Evans for Mr. Mort

Leopard print Popover by Vera



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