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    A Date With Sal

    When sixteen-year-old Nancy Donaldson of Pontiac, Michigan, learned she was going to have a date with Sal Mineo she didn’t believe it was true. Even no w when it’s all over she wonders if it wasn’t just a dream. But, like Sal, it was for real—a whole long day of fun—starting off with introducing Sal to the folks, kidding around the house, bowling, having Cokes and meeting the gang, and then to top it all off being personally escorted by Sal to the opening of his latest picture, “Rock, Pretty Baby.”

    Sal had fun looking at Nancy’s hid pictures. “You sure have changed”

    “He’s here, he’s here,” Nancy yelled, asked Sal to speak to her friend

    Sal and Nancy had to go for a drive to have some time alone together

    A sip or two at the fountain and they were chatting like old friends

    “That girl is sure sharp,” Sal said of Nancy’s bowling skill

    At Boy s Club dance Sal found Nancy lo be just the “mostest” as a partner

    In the lobby of the theatre Sal introduced Nancy over the air to his fans

    “Sal, Sal, Sal,” fans screamed, and they mobbed him when he arrived

    “Nancy, you’re really a doll,” Sal said as he kissed his date goodbye


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE APRIL 1957

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