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“The Black Shield of Falworth”

The average young married couple kisses a loving goodbye on the morning of each working day. But for Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis there was a sweet hello-again almost every day that “The Black Shield of Falworth” was shooting. In this swashbuckling adventure tale from U-I, resplendent in CinemaScope and Technicolor, Tony and Janet voyage back to the lusty England of Henry IV (Ian Keith). There Tony’s a courageous youth brought up as a peasant, and Janet’s a lady of high degree. Her father (Herbert Marshall) brings Tony and his sister (Barbara Rush) to the royal court. The two discover that they are actually the last of the Falworths, a noble family wiped out by treachery. Tony must attain knighthood so that he may defeat the traitor, avenge his family, save his country—and win Janet’s hand.

Wearing for the first time the red-blazoned arms of his family, Tony tackles his enemy


Schemer David Farrar, in dark armor, tries ‘to unseat Tony as the joust nears a climax

Tony receives the spurs of knighthood from Torin Thatcher. Beyond him, his sister, his most deadly enemy and his sweetheart watch the gleaming pageantry at the court of England’s king



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