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    Say It With Flowers . . .

    One perfect rose is what she got

    But, ah, thought impish Moore

    He should have stretched his budget some

    And bought eleven more! 

    By a market stall in Rome

    Paused a lady far from home

    Tell us, Jan-ette, did you find

    Romance was not far behind?

    An orchid to this pinup queen

    Who proves that nothing dims

    The appeal of a girl like Grable

    If she’s lucky to have her limbs!

    Freckled-face and full of fun

    Bright head shining in the sun

    Doris goes her merry way

    Gathering rosebuds while she may

    Mirror, mirror on the wall

    Who’s the fairest flower of all?

    Though we’re charmed by roses red,

    We would choose Pier instead

    When a lady dresses to please her date—

    And Jane goes along with that,

    A flattering nosegay is not only trés gai

    But inspiration for romantic chit chat!

    All eyes turn in her direction

    For Liz’s face is pure perfection

    Only a flower could dare to be

    In such close proximity!


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MARCH 1955

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