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    The Birds And The Bees—Mitzi Gaynor

    Well, here he is. Here is TV’s fair-haired boy George Gobel, one of the freshest personalities to reach show business in many a long year. And here’s an enchanting Paramount movie called “The Birds and the Bees,” with music, VistaVision, Technicolor and Mitzi Gaynor to keep George from getting lonesome. The story? Seems George has spent years off in the jungle looking for snakes. Homeward bound, he’s assailed by sea-going card sharks, in the persons of two other hot-shot comics, David Niven and Reginald Gardiner. And Mitzi, as David’s daughter, is the pretty bait. Our pal George looks like an easy mark. But is he? True fans can spot the plot, based on “The Lady Eve”—one of the funniest films ever made.

    Obvious types leave Gobel cold. But the smarter stratagems of Mitzi Gaynor leave George helpless

    While Mitzi, Reginald Gardiner and David Niven plot, jungle pal Harry Bellaver guards our boy

    Same old guitar—but look Ma, he’s dancing! Let Mitzi flirt a feather fan, and George has had it

    Now how does a guy like Gobel get a reputation as a wolf? Mary Treen thinks Mitzi’s in danger


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MAY 1956

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