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    Snap Judgments

    When someone cries, “Here’s that man again,” no one dares to relax. It means M-G-M director George Sidney (“Annie Get Your Gun,” “Red Danube,” “Cass Timberlane”) is out hunting—with his camera. One day the stars rebelled and offered a prize of twenty-five dollars for the best candid of George. He was a hunted man—but getting him was tough. He knew all the tricks. Until Lana Turner captured him and won the prize. Not that this cured George. He’s still keeping Hollywood on the alert!

    Fair game: Gene Kelly was caught while practicing for baseball game between Comedians and Straight Men

    Turnabout is fair play! A slumbering George Sidney gave Lana Turner her chance—to win this prize

    Too good to miss: “Sneak” of June Allyson, kidding Dick Powell when he visited her set

    Ballet blues: Janet Leigh stopped to rub her feet on “Red Danube” set—when alomg came George

    Too late, Spencer Tracy realizes he’s caught—sticking his tongue out at Lana Turner, clowning on the set

    Little boy blue: Clark Gable, all dressed up for scene in “Key to the City,” didn’t like what he saw in mirror—but George did

    Burlesque on beauty: Lana Turner was so busy making faces at Spencer Tracy she forgot to keep her eyes on George



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