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“To Catch A Thief”—Grace Kelly and Cary Grant

Nice work, movie-making—especially when free travel goes with the job. So Grace Kelly and Cary Grant agree, after their location trip to that millionaires’ playground, the Riviera. Here’s where the tense action of Paramount’s “To Catch a Thief” takes place. Long-distance locationing was nothing new for Grace, who’d journeyed to Africa to make “Mogambo,” to South America for “Green Fire.” But safari life couldn’t match the luxury of the Carlton Hotel at Cannes.

Director Alfred Hitchcock, maestro of suspense, found plenty of beautiful scenes near Cannes—the blue Mediterranean, curving shore lines, magnificent villas. Playing a holidaying heiress, Grace wore a series of elegant or casual clothes designed by Edith Head, who costumed her so exquisitely in Hitchcock’s “Rear Window.”

But there was one catch. The troupe was supposed to spend just five weeks on the Riviera, and Hitch finished the scenes exactly on schedule. There’s such a thing as being too efficient!

Grace Kelly and Cary Grant share a strange love in this new romantic thriller. She is a rich American; he, an ex-thief

The gleam of diamonds over her gold lamé gown caught his eye at a costume ball. Now he pursues her as he eludes the law

For his easy-to-look-at co-stars, director Alfred Hitchcock chose appropriate backgrounds such as this lovely seascape. He had guided each of these players in two earlier successes

Already friends with their director, Grace and Cary struck up a personal friendship on the Riviera location. Cary and wife Betsy later invited Grace to go on a vacation with them

Informality was the keynote. Once known for an impeccable style of dress, Miss Kelly lounged with shirttail out. Nobody ever minded a long between-takes wait in the south-of-France sunlight

The legend of the cool Miss Kelly has been crumbling slowly ever since her tears at the Oscar ceremonies. At Cannes, she was the portrait of an eager tourist and happy actress

Cheesecake for Kelly? Unimaginable! But Riviera magic (or maybe Hitchcock’s persuasion) had its way. Here’s Grace set to sun-tan in view of the cameras (and several million fans)



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