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That’s Hollywood For You

I’d like Grace Kelly to play a character who isn’t a lady to see if she could really act! . . . Also, Hollywood is on a lady kick and too many actresses are trying to act like ladies both off-screen and on. . . . One event that gave me much satisfaction was Marlon Brando winning the Oscar. I’d like to see Marlon and Clark Gable teamed together in a movie. . . . Paramount should release Shirley MacLaine’s screen test as a trailer. You couldn’t help but hurry to see her in any movie Jack Webb did a good deed for everyone when he put Ella Fitzgerald in Pete Kelly’s Blues.” Ella sings and the singers listen. . . . No man should marry an actress without being prepared to listen to monologues about her career. . . . Dale Robertson completely eludes me. Sorry.


Jean Simmons is the friendly type. She makes you feel as if you’re an intimate friend, although you know dam well you’re not. . . . Suggestion to Frank Sinatra: Take the time to explain to people why you’re going to act the way you do. They’ll not only understand you but in most instances be with you. . . . Met Terry Moore at Schwab’s without any make-up on. “Hi,” I said. “I hardly recognized you.” Terry smiled: “I’m disguised as myself.”

I must ask Joan Crawford why she wears dark glasses when she sits in a booth at Chasen’s. . . . Is Montgomery Clift trying to prove how long you can stay out of pictures and still be a popular movie star? . . . Sheree North has less chee chee about her than any actress trying to make it as a movie star. . . . I’m looking forward to seeing Katharine Hepburn in the movie “Summertime.” This Hepburn fascinates me. . . . The two best male performances to date are Ernest Borgnine in “Marty” and James Dean in East of Eden.” At this writing, I haven’t seen an exciting performance by a female. . . . It seems that the best TV shows are good movies (“Marty”) and the best movies are good TV shows (“Disneyland”) . . . . By the way, Tab Hunter told me this definition of a panelist: A man who can think on his seat. . . . Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers seem to have drifted so far apart that it’s difficult to recall that they were once the most popular and successful team in pictures. . . . I don’t know of any actress who has remained as sexy as long as Lana Turner. İt seems like only yesterday when she had only a sweater to her name, which wasn’t famous. . . . I don’t side with the businessman who divorces an actress. A man who wants his wife to behave like a school teacher should marry a school teacher. . . . Our favorite character. Mike Curtiz, told an interviewer: “Eve been looking for a 17year-old with 20 years’ acting experience.”


Rita Hayworth better make a movie and get on the screen. . . . Wouldn’t you think that the success of Doris Day and Rosemary Clooney in pictures would make some producer smart enough to sign Patti Page? . . . Here’s a short short story in itself: Ava Gardner: “It’s the first time I felt like a movie star.’’ Dissolve to a few years later. Ava Gardner: “I’m a movie star and I’m the unhappiest person I know.” . . . But you don’t have to be, Ava. I know some guys who love you!


Ed say Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh were the best example of cheesecake and beefcake married. . . . I prefer cheese-B cake. . . . It’s difficult to accept the fact that Ann Blyth is not only a wife but also a mother. . . . Maturity has helped Robert Taylor. He was too young and too pretty in “Camille.’’ Taylor now has to shave twice a day; then he didn’t have to shave once a day. . . . Mitzi Gaynor and Donald O’Connor could become one of the most popular teams in pictures today. . . . There are many people who don’t believe actresses should be like the girl next door. Clifton Webb once said: “I don’t have to go to a movie to see the girl next door. I go next door.” . . . But you can’t object to the girl next door if she is Elaine Stewart or Debra Paget. And they are the girl next door to fellows I know. That’s Hollywood for you.



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