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That’s Hollywood For You

I understand Rock Hudson is often called Rock ’n’ Roll Hudson by his wife, Phyllis. . . . It seems every blond is trying to look like Marilyn Monroe, except Marilyn Monroe. . . . I’m weary of reading bachelor stories about George Nader. . . . Theme Song for the Greg Bautzer-Dana Wynter marriage: A Man Chases A Girl Until She Catches Him. . . . Frank Sinatra’s approach to friendship is animal loyal. . . . Acknowledged: Elizabeth Taylor is beautiful—but Joan Crawford creates more excitement when she enters a room. . . . Natalie Wood stayed home one night last month. It seems Raymond Burr thought she had a date with Tab Hunter who thought she had a date with Nick Adams who thought she had a date with Nick Ray who was out of town. . . . When they come out with an inside confidential scandal yarn about Ann Blyth, I’ll say I’ve heard everything. . . . Tony Curtis told it: A movie star is somebody just like the boy next door, if you live in Beverly Hills.

Rhonda Fleming’s a doll who should be doing better than she is. . . . I want to give credit to Burt Lancaster who is an admirer of other people with talent and a distributor of credit. That’s why the firm is now called Hecht, Hill and Lancaster. . . . Most people remember Marty and his pal, Angie (“What do you feel like doing tonight?”), but do you know the name of Marty’s girlfriend, played by Betsy Blair? . . . Dimitri Tiomkin describing Hollywood: “The actors are as American as apple pie and the actresses are as American as cheesecake.”

I admit Jeanne Crain and Paul Brinkman had me fooled. I thought they were too busy with each other to be busy elsewhere. . . . Starlet Dani Crayne reminds me of Lana Turner, and Leigh Snowden reminds me of Leigh Snowden. . . . I saw Kirk Douglas in “Champion” on TV, and he sure had a skinny chest. Kirk would have to fight in a heavier division today. . . . Whenever I meet Ernest Borgnine, I think he is carrying his Oscar under his coat. . . . I can tell the difference between Lex Barker, Jess Barker and Fess Parker. I can also tell the difference between Tab Hunter, Jeffrey Hunter and Rock Hunter. But do get a bit confused between Dale Robertson and Cliff Robertson. Dick Powell and Jane Powell give me no trouble at all. . . . Red Skelton tells of the producer who said: “Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but if I did know what I’m talking about Id be right.”

Kim Novak has her moods and mood. . . . I can remember all the way back when Jane Russell was considered the greatest. But now Jane’s like the four-minute mile: the record has been broken by many. . . . The name of Marty’s girlfriend is Clara. I wouldn’t ask you a question and not give the answer. . . . Barbara Stanwyck has never been known to have an argument with a director during production. “I do all of my arguing before the picture starts,” says Barbara. . . . William Holden, asked if he knew a certain bragging producer, replied: “I know him very well. I caught him in a truth once.”

I can’t believe Stewart Granger would even holler at adorable Jean Simmons. . . . Debra Paget is behaving like an old-time movie star, even if she isn’t one. Debra must have read back issues of this movie magazine. . . . Don’t be surprised if Elvis Presley surprises you by tossing away his guitar, his objectionable motions, and becomes a movie star. . . . Acknowledged: Ralph Richardson is a great actor. But Clark Gable is more exciting to watch on the screen. . . . Now that Edmund Purdom and Linda Christian have each other, they don’t appear satisfied. . . . My favorite character Mike Curtiz said he liked a certain actress “because she is a perfect combination of imperfections.” That’s Hollywood for you.



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