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    Sugar And Spice

    A vivacious doll, silver-blonde Mamie Van Doren plays the cello, loves to swim and can sing any man into a romantic mood.

    Flaming redhead, with a siren figure, Rhonda Fleming starred at track and basketball, can take dictation from a man—in shorthand!

    Eve with curves: Chestnut-haired Corinne Calvet has a mind of her own—and the Gallic wit to make every man like it!

    The ingenue type—until Jeanne Crain got her Irish up. Now she’s a redhead with plenty of oomph!

    Exquisitely feminine, brunette Liz Taylor blends her alluring womanhood with little-girl appeal

    Auburn-haired Elaine Stewart, a model date, likes sailing, sewing, rare steaks and polite sirs!


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MARCH 1954

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