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From the style collections for spring and summer that we’ve already seen, and from the type of thing that most Hollywood stars are wearing, you can pick and choose the things you like best and which look best on you this year. You don’t have to subscribe to a New Look or an Old Look—or any Look except your Best Look! Any silhouette at present, from the slimmest to the “left-over” tiny-waisted, full-skirted, is smart.

The big party Jane Wyman gave was an example of how varied silhouettes can be. Jane was in crisp bouffant rose taffeta while Mrs. Jimmy Stewart was in white flowing chiffon. Barbara Stanwyck and Cesar Romero put on a hectic Charleston together and got silver cups as prizes for knocking themselves out like that. Dinah Shore took off for New York, a few days later, for her first night club engagement in years. And boy, did she leave with a wardrobe! Howard Greer made her clothes and let her introduce his new shade, Laguna Lilac, on her opening night at the Waldorf.

Beautiful Alida Valli, awaiting Sir Stork, was at the Constance Moore-Johnny Maschio party in a lovely blue taffeta smock with beaded embroidery around the high round neck and at the cuffs of the push-up sleeves. Joan Fontaine was wearing the dreamiest hat—a tiny black crepe cap edged in satin with a stiffened veil coming forward from the crown of her head and halfway over her face. The veil was as rigid as a catcher’s mask. The really intriguing touch, though, was the long pear-shaped pearl attached to the veil at a point just back from the forehead. It dropped down and dangled on her forehead under the veil.

If you don’t think that the mad passion for red that went on all winter isn’t carrying over into spring, think again. The warm color springs at you from under black or tweed coats, from breakfast through dinner. Janie Powell has a lovely crisp red taffeta cocktail-length dress, styled demurely with a shirtwaist top, ballooning sleeves and billowing skirt. Saw Virginia Mayo at Mocambo in a red silk gown that did her shape no harm at all! It was ballet-length, the narrow skirt draped to a big stiffened point of the silk jutting out from one hip. It had a low, wide neckline, not quite off-the-shoulder, plus very brief, tight sleeves. A huge jeweled clip at the hip was the only adornment.

A very pleasant sight the other evening was Colleen Townsend, celebrating her birthday with her two brothers, both of whom are studying for the clergy. Colleen, as you know, is giving up her movie career to make three religious films and then she plans to attend a theological college. Lana Turner, who is back at work in “A Life of Her Own,” was dining at La Rue with Bob Topping in a really smart casual outfit. Her white tweed jacket topped a vivid emerald green gabardine skirt. Lana wore a boldy printed silk scarf flatly folded around her neck and tucked into the jacket.

Did we tell you about the party we went to at the Bel-Air mansion of socialite Richard Hoyt? Three pretty gals arrived almost simultaneously—all three (speaking of red carrying over into spring again) wearing identical flame-red dresses. One of the gals was Diana Lynn and she looked the purtiest. The dress was darling—it was of tulle, tight-bodiced, strapless, with enormously full gathered skirts and a long matching stole. Diana didn’t seem to mind. But, golly, what a letdown after primping for hours.

By Edith Gwynn WITH FASHION FIRST PICTURES by Ann Mac Namara


It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MAY 1950

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