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Hollywood Party Line

THERE WERE two extra-splashy preems, plus lots of parties large and small, to say naught of “special events” this month. But of course, nothing topped the Academy Awards—for glamour attendance and glamorous duds.

No one looked lovelier than Liz Taylor in her full-skirted Fontana original. It was of pale pink chiffon, strapless and embellished with a delicate leaf design in pearls and rhinestones. With it, Liz wore a fabulous, 250-year-old necklace of pearls and diamonds from Sweden, also pink Italian sandals to match her gown and a straight-edged stole of white fox. . . . Irene Dunne was done up in a Don Loper creation of yellow lace with myriad brilliants embroidered into the voluminous skirt. . . . Gene Tierney’s slinky form-hugging gown of black crepe was topped by a four-layer capelet of white organdy that billowed around her shoulders. A real eye-catcher! . . . Lana Turner, always a knockout, was a knockout again. This time in strapless bright red peau de soie with full tiered skirt. A large rose, fashioned of the gown’s material, at the right side of the decolletage was the only trimming—unless you want to count Lana’s diamond choker and ear- rings! She wore a white fox stole.

Ann Blyth’s off-the-shoulder dress of emerald chiffon was designed by Helen Rose and had a full skirt bedecked with emerald green sequins, as had the bodice. Ann’s wrap was dark ranch mink. . . . The lovely thing Mitzi Gaynor wore when she danced with Don O’Connor was of aquamarine and silver metallic cloth with halter top and a bodice fitted tight all the way to the hipline. The skirt was very full and accordion-pleated with rhinestone beading. Mitzi’s white mink stole was brand-new for the occasion.

Donna Reed, the happiest and most excited Oscar winner I’ve ever eyed, accepted her prize wearing a short evening gown of blue-gray lace—another Don Loper original. The bouffant skirt and decollete bodice were slashed by a wide ribbon of Kelly green and pink. Donna’s gown was emphasized by the absence of jewelry. Bits of glitter on her shoulders and in her hair added sparkle.

As I said, the dolls in the audience were just as divinely gotten up as were those on stage, and fans outside the Pantages Theatre went currazy yelling for their favorites as the stars entered. Biggest cheers (honest!) were for Clark Gable with Grace Kelly on his arm. Grace was stunning in a champagne tulle gown, almost the shade of her own blond tresses. It was embroidered all over in a grape design in gold pailletes. . . . Tiny Pilar Palette, with John Wayne—natch!, in soft-falling white crepe, strapless and generously beaded in crystals.

Marge Champion in white lace over nude tulle, tremendously full skirt, very low-cut bodice trimmed with iridescent sequins. Marge wore a short white mink cape. . . . Rosemary Clooney was in draped pale gray chiffon embroidered with pearls and crystals—a real gown. 

Everyone was certain Audrey Hepburn would win her Oscar—and happy that she did. But before the night was over. you could have heard at least twenty people remarking. “Why doesn’t Audrey Jose that weird hair-cut?” . . . One of the after-Oscar soirees was at Romanoff’s. where a cute sight was furnished by Donna Reed and Esther Williams. chatting gaily as they freshened their make-ups together at the same mirror.

And now to the “Valiant” opening which brought Bob Wagner to star status all the way. His date was Jean Peters. It was the second premiere Jean’s ever attended—and the first was a long time ago! So she’d forgotten On the way into the theater when fans in the bleachers were what goes on. On the way into the theater when fans in the bleachers were yelling, etc., Jean turned to Bob and exclaimed, “You forgot to tell me, they squeal!” . . . Debra Paget’s sis, Lisa Gaye. was with Robert Dix. young son of the late Richard Dix. Robert’s been signed to a movie contract—and they’ll soon be squealing at him! Among many stars on hand, and at the Romanoff dinner-dance later, were June Haver and Fred MacMurray, Rock Hudson, with Susie Zanuck, Susan Hayward, with long-time friend, Ned Marin, Paul Brinkman and Jeanne Crain, in a fancy gown of white and gold, Clifton Webb and his Ma, Maureen O’Hara, Mari Blanchard, Ty Power and Linda Christian, the Edmund Purdoms, Terry Moore, the Ronald Reagans. Debbie Hugh O’Brian, the Sterling Haydens, Barbara Rush and Jeff Hunter. And. of all things, Debra Paget, looking dreamy in a strapless,

Reynolds with full-skirted shortie gown, all alone!

Terrific turnout it was—for the Beverly Hills bow-in of Danny Kaye’s funniest, most frantic picture, “Knock on Wood”! If you haven’t already rocked at this laff-fest (good songs, too!) then, fevvens sakes! get on over to see it! After the show, Danny and his Mrs., Sylvia Fine, who did the words and music for his numbers (as usual) took over all of Mocambo and tossed a midnight-to-dawn party for almost everyone who’d been at the preem! Vera-Ellen (in beaded white satin sheath with that “covered up look” all the way to her ears!) was with Richard Gully. I also saw Jeanne Martin, wearing virtually the same dress as Vera’s, plus tiny silver and white bows in her hair, on the arm of hubby, Dean; Ethel Merman, Claudette Colbert, Jane Powell and Pat Nerney, Merle Oberon, back with Dr. Rex Ross, the Keenan Wynns, (Keenan complete with a beard he grew for a picture), Ann Robinson, with silver flakes in her red hair, the Eddie Robinsons, Nancy Sinatra with Vic Damone (now, there’s a bit!), the Jack Bennys, Eartha Kitt with Arthur Loew, Jr., Leslie Caron’s ex, Georgie Hormel with Marla English, and Debbie Reynolds, in her favorite shade of blue, first-dating with singer Bill Shirley. Joan Crawford was successfully wearing a combination that would scare many a woman, though it never should. Joan’s gown was of flaming red net (miwyons of yards in the skirt), with a huge pale pink rose pinned to one of the narrow shoulder-straps of the tightly draped bodice. Over this, she wore PINK mink! And if you don’t think this is stand-out stuff for a brunette, you’re color blind!

Day after the Kaye soiree, Susan and Richard took their vows in Santa Barbara. Mala Powers, Lori Nelson, Jeff Chandler and Julia Adams were among the thousand guests who thrilled (liter- ally!) to tears when Susan tossed aside her crutches moments before the ceremony and walked down the aisle. Just as this courageous girl had told the world she would—months ago! If the slight limp bothered her, or the cause of it gave her pain, it wasn’t apparent at the small wedding supper later. Susan, shining with happiness, said, “I always knew I’d get married without crutches!”

Ooops! Here I am at the end of my “aisle”—so sorry.



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