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“Miss Matchmaker”

Liz Taylor has been making romantic news in her own right these past few months, what with her trip to England to marry Mike Wilding, their honeymoon, and Liz’s recent announcement that she is expecting a baby early next year. But aside from her personal romance, Liz has made other news in the romance department—she’s the matchmaker who saw the good results of her efforts in the wed- ding of her friend Betty Sullivan and Ensign Robert Precht, Jr.

In December, 1949, Ensign Precht, then a student at UCLA, won a date with Liz when he was voted the “handsomest college boy.” Bob had a buffet dinner at Liz’s home, then went with her to Paramount’s “Great Lover Ball.” But Liz asked her chum, Betty Sullivan, to “please come along because I don’t know these college boys very well.” Betty obliged, and it was a case of love at first sight for Bob and Betty! When they were married, this June, the guest of honor at their wedding was of course none other than Liz, back in California again and ready to begin work on her new picture, “The Girl Who Had Everything.”

Evidently the beauteous Liz, in addition to all her other talents, is as adept as a matchmaker as she is in adding to fans’ pleasure with her vivid beauty!


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