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Here Comes The Bride

For a bride: A wedding gown, worn by Janet Leigh, of ice-pink satin, with demure high neck, romantic-skirt-train Lace coronet is embroidered in rhinestones. Bouquet is symphony pink and white. For bedtime beauty, Ava Gardner’s peignoir of beige nylon net with pink satin yoke appliqued with lilies of the valley, worn over beige halter-neck crepe gown. For starlit evenings, the dress Jane Wyman wore at Photoplay’s Gold Medal dinner. Sprays of pink organza roses, pink linen dogwood blossoms follow the graceful lines of the seven-layered skirt of pink organza over white. For play times, Jeanne Crain’s white linen shorts and bra banded in red, topped with a pert red capelet. For sightseeing, Pat Neal’s putty-colored flannel dress, with peg-top skirt, the bolero in a shadow plaid of red and tan. To this trousseau add one happy bridegroom—and have a perfect honeymoon,

Pat Neal of “Bright Leaf,” in dress und bolero ensemble designed by Milo Anderson; Jeanne Crain of “Cheaper by the Dozen,” in playsuit by Fay Foster; Jane Wyman of “The Glass Menagerie,” in evening dress designed by Milo Anderson; Ava Gardner of “East Side, West Side,” in Juel Park’s negligee: Janet Leigh of “Jet Pilot.” in wedding gown designed by Howard Shoup. Bouquet by Stanley Madeiros.



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