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The Dance She Couldn’t Miss—Natalie Wood

It took her two days to get up the nerve to call Tab—who turned out not to be shocked by her boldness at all. Of course, if Natalie figured, he’s used to having girls call him.

Make-up worried her—she didn’t know how much the other girls would wear. She settled for powder base, powder and lipstick.

Too excited to get dressed herself, she got Mom in to help. At this point Tab, who’d been waiting, tapped on her door. “Decent?” He inquired.

Giggling, Natalie let him in. “Nothing fazes you, does it?” she demanded. Tab applied himself to hooks and eyes. “Not you, anyway,” he teased.

At the door he turned, bent—and kissed her mother good night. “Public relations,” he explained to Natalie. “Besides, she’s a doll!”

But at the dance Natalie’s excitement turned to scare. “I can’t go in there,” she whispered. “What if they don’t like me? What if I’m dressed wrong?”

Tab practically pushed her in. Right away they were gabbing with the kids. “You have the prettiest dress,” Tab whispered. Natalie blushed. “And the craziest hair-do!”

And the rest was a dream of dancing and laughing—and a kiss when they sat one out. “What an evening,” Natalie sighed.

And then it was over. “I feel just like a high school girl,” she said dreamily. Tab laughed. “That’s what you are, silly.” She smiled back. “Oh, you’re so right. . . .”



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